How To Earn A Steady Income From Blogging

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When I first started blogging, I did it solely for the fun of letting my voice be heard on certain topics. I didn't know you could earn a steady income from blogging. I started doing more research, narrowed my topics down, and started really focusing on my blog.

As my blog grew, my social media accounts started growing, I started looking at blogging not only as a hobby, but a hobby that I could earn a steady income from blogging.

There are plenty of ways to make money online that when you look into it or actually just a scam. However, a blog or website with some of the following income streams can work brilliantly for you.

WordPress is also incredibly popular in the blogging community because it is so flexible. Interestingly, WordPress is the largest publishing platform on the planet now, and it plays host to 30% of all websites.

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You could make a nice supplemental income, or as many have in recent years, blog full-time. Set yourself some goals each month to help measure your progress.

It should be noted that no matter which option you choose looking is not a get rich quick scheme. You do need to put the working and have great content too.

How To Earn A Steady Income From Blogging

Affiliate marketing

In the early days, not many people understood what affiliate marketing was. And, if you still don’t, some excellent guides can help you navigate the world of affiliate marketing.

What you should know is that if you have a blog niche, there are plenty of products that you can recommend to your readers. And when they purchase the product, you will get a small commission from the company.

There are affiliate programs for almost every possible niche. Which means that there will be something for you. They are typically easy to sign up to, and approval rates are quite high.

Providing your website has some content already you will like have a quick automatic approval, or be manually approved for meeting the standard a brand is looking for.

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn a steady income when it comes to blogging or even just running a website. Here are a few of my favorite affiliate sites to earn from:

  • ShareASale – They have brands like Cricut, Tailwind, WP Rocket, and thousands of more.
  • Impact Radius – Impact works with brands such as Best Buy, Target, Cratejoy and thousands more.
  • Amazon Affiliates – earn money from a well-known website that people shop on daily. It's my biggest affiliate money maker right now.
  • CJ Network – Another network that works with a lot of bigger brands/companies such as Barnes & Noble, Crayola, Torrid, and more.
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You will be hard pushed to find a blog or website that doesn’t have Google AdSense somewhere. Once you employ Google Adsense, you will get a dashboard that will help you create your ads.

You will get paid for every time a user clicks the ad. This is a great way to earn money when you first start out. You can also sell ad space on your website to businesses, bloggers, and other ad companies directly.

MediaVine or Ezoic are also alternatives to AdSense and can help you earn a steady income from blogging. Both of these have minimum pageview or session requirements in order to join. Make sure you read all requirements before applying.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Some bloggers prefer to keep their blogs very clean, in which case they would likely won’t have too many ads. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are making money for their blog.

Many businesses understand the power of blogs and therefore, will pay to have their message or links on that website. This is often referred to as sponsored posts or some occasions guest posts. A blogger can set their own rates based on traffic, domain authority, trust flow, and other metrics. This is one of the easiest and most used ways that bloggers earn a steady income from blogging.

Sellable Products

If you have been writing a blog for a while, then chances are you have a lot of experience and could share that at a profit. E-books and downloadable content is easy to share.

Not only that but it is a quick way for people to spend a small amount of money for a relatively large amount of knowledge. Which is what makes them low-effort to create and passive way to earn income a steady income after initial publication.

This will work better if you’ve already built up a community that trusts you. Online courses are also a very popular way to go; you should make sure that what you are offering is valuable to your customers. That way, they’ll come back in the future when you have other offers.


After you have been blogging for a while, you will find that you can manage some simple coding, you can put together other websites, you know how to deal with most of the WordPress plug-ins. This doesn;t make you a web designer, but it does mean you can tackle the basics when commissioned to do so.

Not only that, but you have been working in social media for a long time now. Learning what works and what doesn’t when it comes to sharing your content.

You have probably also put together a lot of graphics and have a good eye for what people pay attention to.

And then that brings us to the writing – once you’ve been blogging for a while, you become better at what you do, and people will pay for good copy.

There are, of course, many other ways to earn money from your block, but these are some of the easiest things to get started on. 

Earn a steady income from blogging

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