3 Important Digital Literacy Skills for Your Child To Have

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Having our son home and not in mainstream or brick and mortar schools has definitely been a huge adjustment. One of the significant changes you will have to adapt to is having your children school from home and adjusting to the importance of digital literacy skills for your child. While we have homeschooled and digitally schooled in the past, this has been a little bit different.

Without a doubt, it is going to take ages before life normalizes post the COVID-19 era. Therefore, it is only fair that everyone arms themselves with the necessary capabilities required to overcome the challenges ahead. As you can already tell, this is not an easy task. There are many obstacles associated with it, lack of computers, distractions at home, low concentration in children, cyber insecurity, minimal space at home, and internet unavailability, among others.

3 Must-Have Digital Literacy Skills for Your Child In 2021

 Despite these challenges, children must learn, and due to Coronavirus, they will, without doubt, do it at home. This hence leaves you no option but to go out of your way and provide a conducive environment. As you strive to do this, it is essential to remember that your child cannot succeed in online learning without these three critical digital literacy skills.

Website Navigation Ability

 As schools reopen and children embark on learning from homeschool, video conferencing technologies are the primary platforms they will be using to communicate with their teachers. Your child will be expected to log in to a platform and attend to the classes and exams through webinars, zoom meetings, and chat rooms among other avenues.

One of the significant changes you will have to adapt to is working with your child and adjusting to the importance of digital literacy skills for your child.
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Because of this reason, it is paramount that your child has intensive knowledge on how to navigate the different websites. Unfortunately, many parents ignore their children’s need to advance their understanding of technology. This is highly attributed to the fact that today children are very knowledgeable about computers and the internet, which deceives the parents.

But this is not the case. To help them succeed as an online student you need to make sure to advance their digital literacy skills this holiday.

Communicating Through Emails

 It will not be possible for your child to meet their teacher on a face to face basis for an unknown period. What this means is that their surest mode of communication will be through emails. Sending emails can be a quick and easy way to help your child learn more digital literacy skills.

Hence, you are at a disadvantage if your child does not know how to sign up, compose, send, attach files, or receive messages via email. You may not be technologically able as a parent, but this should not deter you from having your child learn the required skills. Today, institutions such as Age of Learning reviews offer this knowledge at the comfort of your home.

Web Browsing Skills

 Your child will be given assignments and expected to do further reading on their own. As such, they will need to be knowledgeable about how various search engines operate. Therefore, make an effort to have your child familiarize with web browsers ranging from Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Brave and the others as early as now.

 The good thing, however, about this skill is that you or someone you trust can comfortably teach your child at home. Moreover, it will only take them less than one hour to familiarize with it. Why then don’t you take this time to do it?

Parting Shot

 Undoubtedly, Coronavirus is not going away anytime soon. Therefore, as the world moves towards its second phase there is a need to find a balance on how to survive in its midst. Arming the school going children with technology literacy is one of the surest ways to win against this virus.

 Thus, take advantage of the readily available online learning resources and have your children learn as much as they can. 

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