How to Determine if Your Child Has a Hearing Problem

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Years ago, when my oldest son was kindergarten, the school did their typical testing, eyes, balance, ears, etc. They paid special attention to my son's hearing. They suspected that there was something going on, but wanted to narrow down before setting a plan in place. That's when we found out that our son may have hearing problems.

They speculated ADHD, but they didn't want to say it, because they wanted to rule everything out. When they were doing the testing, they noticed he wasn't reacting to the hearing tests at certain decibels that were normal to slightly high pitched.

They sent home a referral with him that day and suggested that I take him to an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor, thinking maybe he had blockage that we couldn't see. There wasn't any.

We went to 3 different ENT specialists, before they finally did scans to find out that his ear canal & drums were not forming or growing properly. Which was the results of a bone structure issue, that they didn't want to operate on until he was an adult and done growing in fear that it would just grow wrong again.

So now that we knew what his hearing problems were, we had somewhat of a game plan, at least until he was an adult and done grown.

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There are few conditions which can impact education more than deafness. For adults, it will be relatively easy to take control of this side of your life, as you will be able to take yourself to see a doctor when you notice your hearing going bad.

3 Ways To Determine If Your Child Has Hearing Problems

For a child, though, this is very different, and many kids will simply ignore the fact that they may have hearing problems. Often is because they don't want to be different, or they don't know. My son, didn't know he had hearing problems. When I asked him why he didn't tell me, his response was baffling.

Mom, this is how I've always heard things. I didn't know that this wasn't normal. If I knew, I would have said something. But for as long as I can remember, this is how I've heard things.

When he received his first hearing aids, he was amazed at how different I sounded. He heard birds chirp, the rain drops, but also heard noises that were just too much.

To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the work which can be done to ensure that your child doesn’t end up losing their hearing. You can’t force them not to do the things they love, but you can still bring some moderation into their life.

Avoiding Hearing Problems

In a world filled with technology, issues like deafness are likely to become more common. Modern headphones are extremely powerful, and prolonged sessions using them can result in hearing loss. As the years go by, this will only get worse, and a lot of young people are finding that they leave school with far worse hearing than when they went in.

Going to concerts, playing video games, and performing some science experiments can also be bad for your ears, but won’t have quite the same concentrated effect as using headphones.

Spot Hearing Problems

A lot of kids won’t tell their parents when they are struggling with something like hearing. Instead, will try to hide issues like this, assuming that they have caused it themselves and need to work hard to overcome it. Thankfully, being able to spot this should be nice and easy. If they are always asking you to repeat yourself, there is quite a high chance that they are struggling to hear.

Along with this, watching TV at high volumes, speaking loudly, and seemingly ignoring what you say can also be signs that someone is going deaf. Not a lot of people are able to hide something like this for very long.

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Be Supportive

While being deaf can be a very difficult condition to live with, the modern world is far better for this than it used to be. There are loads of hearing aids available on the market, and you can learn more about the best of them by researching on the web.

A lot of people struggle to find the best option for their little ones when they are going through this, though your doctor should be able to help you out, and the time you spend online will make it easier. Along with this, you also need to be there for your child. It will be easier to discover their hearing problems if they feel that they can be honest with you.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to help a child when they are struggling with deafness. This sort of condition can be a difficult one to live with, and a lot of kids simply suffer in silence. It doesn’t have to be this way, though, and you have the power to make your child’s life a lot better when they can’t hear anything.

Child has hearing problems pn years ago, when my oldest son was kindergarten, the school did their typical testing, eyes, balance, ears, etc. They paid special attention to my son's hearing. They suspected that there was something going on, but wanted to narrow down before setting a plan in place. That's when we found out that our son may have hearing problems.

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