Create A Great Desk Space For Working From Home

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More and more people are working from home in the technological age and even those who go to work in an outside office, devote extra hours to completion in front of the home computer at a designated desk space. We may feel that we lack productivity or that things just aren’t quite right.

More and more people are working from home confined to a designated desk space where they can work without distractions in order to be productive.

When we started out on our home purchasing adventure, we had very specific requests. One was that the home had to be single-story, well that went out the window. Another was that it had to have a minimum of 3 bedrooms with an office/foyer that had enough room for my desk space and crafting.

While technically, our home has 3 bedrooms and we do have an extra room that can be a bedroom/guest bedroom, we still just do not have enough room for my office and crafting currently. So much that I've had to add a storage dresser in our family room that holds some of my stock for shirts I make.

When the need for a separate corner is met in the dwindling living spaces, a real problem arises. Whether you are planning a work area or planning to upgrade an existing one, get creative solutions to help you arrange a comfortable and attractive desk space that works even in a small space.

Create A Great Desk Space For Working From Home

There are always essentials that you are going to need; such as a great ergonomic chair that is for comfort and your posture. If you are anything like me, a dual monitor and headphones are essential for your desk space to ensure that you can hop on any meetings, do photo editing, and even writing without having to switch between several programs constantly. Every piece of desk equipment needs its own corner on shelves or chests of drawers. The secret of design success, in this case, lies in choosing beautiful baskets and boxes, designed and identical in color.

I'm always writing down something. For the most part, I use a notebook or notepad. My favorite notebooks are Steno. I have a problem writing in notebooks that have side spirals so I opt for the ones with top spiral binding. You can get them in different sizes which is great! I keep the smaller ones in my purse so that if I have an idea when I'm out and about I can write them down. The medium-sized steno's stay on my desk for my daily to-do list and the larger ones are great for when I'm attending a conference or taking a course in blogging or social media.

The final touch is made by the small items, which differentiate the space and make it different and special: choosing a colorful lamp to set the mood, or just a few photos of your best memories are going to be vital in creating that personal touch that every desk needs. Working is stressful at the best of times, so it’s time to get invested in your own inspiration board and create a working space that motivates you to work every day. 

If you're anything like me, you could really go for some freedom from deadlines, chaos and just relax! But seriously, the Freedom I'm talking about is an app/program that you put on your tablet, laptop, phone and it will block out other apps/programs that you tend to waste time on.

I schedule 2hrs at a time to block out social media so I don't waste time on socials (my biggest issue is Facebook) so I can focus on my work. I'm able to block or unblock whatever! I can add in sites that I tend to browse also. I need those 2-hour blocks sometimes and it is usually when I'm at top performance and my posts are the best!

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