Designer Secrets: 4 Ways Brands Stay Exclusive

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Can you look at a symbol, color, or style and immediately know what brand or company it belongs to?

There are a few of my favorite brands that I can immediately spot. Tiffany & Co has their signature blue, Coach has their signature C on their handbags, and of course, Christian Louboutin has the signature red bottom shoes. All have their designer secrets that they hold keys to and won't unlock anytime soon.

designer secrets - designer logo

Designer brands present an exclusive image to the public. The aim is to make people want to own their products and feel like they have something that only a small number of other people have. Companies put a lot of effort into keeping their designer secrets sealed up for their exclusive products or services, preventing their brand from being diluted.

Designer Secrets: 4 Ways Brands Stay Exclusive

They use a variety of methods to do that, ensuring people will still want to buy their products and they aren't available to buy cheaply from just anywhere. If you're interested in designer products, from fashion to technology, here are some of the techniques they use to stay exclusive.

Approved Sellers

Designer brands don't want you to be able to buy their products from just anywhere. They will often be selective about which distributors, suppliers and retailers are able to sell their products. This keeps their sales pool smaller and helps to make their products more exclusive.

One challenge they face is when excess stock ends up getting sold on to unapproved sellers. A retailer or distributor could end up selling excess watches so they become gray market watches. The gray market is completely legal but it means buying for a seller that hasn't been chosen by the designer.

Preventing Fakes and Copies

Fake designer products can also be a problem for brands that want to maintain their designer secrets and exclusivity. They don't want people to be able to buy cheaper versions of their products. Most of these products don't have the same high quality, but that won't stop people buying them.

Designer brands take steps to protect their intellectual property, ensuring they have trademarks and patents, as well as protecting their copyright on designs. They will often spend a lot of money on legal representation to tackle any problems with the theft of their designs or sale of counterfeit products.

designer secrets - designer bag

The Importance of Image

A designer brand's image is extremely important. Through branding and marketing, they create the image that they want people to see. Creating the right image is all about making their products and brand appear exclusive. They want to market to a select audience and offer something special in their products that other brands might not be able to offer.

Good marketing can do a lot for a brand. It can change a brand from being ordinary and just like any other to being something special. They have to convince their customers that they can give them a certain image too.

Complete Luxury Experience

When buying from a designer brand, you will usually get a full designer experience. For example, when an item is sold, it will also come in luxury packaging that's a step above what you might get from a cheaper brand.

A designer purse might come in a dust cover, which is then in a designer box. Customer service is often expected to be excellent for designer brands too. Designer brands make sure they can deliver an experience that others can't.

Designer brands take big steps to ensure they remain exclusive. That's why it can be difficult to find good discounts on new designer items.

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