Dangers Of The Internet: How To Protect Your Children

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With the increasing use of digital devices by children and adolescents, the family's challenge to protect children from the dangers of the Internet also grows. Especially now that so many folks are being forced to homeschool or educate their kids from home.

Even though it represents an excellent tool for learning, fun, interaction, and leisure, the web hides numerous dangers, which makes this concern of parents inevitable.

Smartphone - dangers of the internet

But how can the family guide conscious and safe use? How to perform healthy monitoring of searches on the Internet? How to prevent these accesses from bringing risks? With that in mind, we've brought you some tips to help you better deal with this process.

Dangers Of The Internet: How To Protect Your Children

When it comes to protecting our children from the dangers of the internet, there are simple things that can be incorporated immediately.

Talk to your child and advise on privacy

The most important is dialogue. We can't always keep up with what children are doing on the digital devices so closely, especially as they get older. Therefore, it is important that there is an openness to talk about the type of behavior and people to be avoided on the networks.

In addition, as far as possible, try to follow the content that your child is accessing, such as games,   varied applications and, mainly, social networks, which are places where he can interact with other people, often unknown.

Facebook is a social network widely accessed by children, because despite the restrictive terms of use – only people over 13 years of age can create an account – it is quite simple to circumvent this mechanism.

Use parental monitoring app

Some parental apps help parents to be able to monitor their children's Internet access more closely. One such app is FamilyTime parental monitoring app that lets parents:

Ft with the increasing use of digital devices by children and adolescents, the family's challenge to protect children from the dangers of the internet also grows. Especially now that so many folks are being forced to homeschool or educate their kids from home.
  • View their kids’ web-history and bookmarks.
  • See the complete list of installed apps.
  • Check their app usage frequency to see how much time they spend on each app.
  • Enable safe internet search
  • Put web filters
  • Blacklist any inappropriate app.
  • Schedule device locks for specific time limits at any given time of the day
  • Lock their devices remotely for as long as you may want
  • Allow specific hours for device use to kids
  • Specify the time for an app usage

And the list of FamilyTime features doesn’t end here. There is a lot more than this app does for you. Want to give this app a free try? You can! This valuable parental monitoring app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store or from iTunes. Impose limits on the use of devices with Internet access

Monitoring and guidance are important. Although no child or a young person like this, setting limits, schedules, combined, are measures that contribute to safer navigation, without exaggeration and that even ensure time for other activities of interest to your child, or that are considered important for the development of their potential and skills. Here again, you can take help from the FamilyTime parental monitoring app.

In addition to the issue of time dedicated to digital environments, several studies have also associated continuous exposure to the Internet with increased anxiety, depression and addictions in people under 25, as pointed out by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. It is suggested, from that, that parents define the hours of the day when they can be around and have some availability to monitor their children and even to accompany them in some study or leisure activity.

Taking the correct steps can not only protect your children, but it can also aid in their mental health stability. While having all of the wonderful aspects of the digital world at our fingers, it also comes with many hidden dangers. Take the above steps and you're that much closer to protecting your children for the hidden dangers of the internet.

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