Creative Ways to Craft and Save Money

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There are many creative ways to craft and save money, especially if you’re the type of person who only likes to spend money when you absolutely have to.

Whether or not you spend money is always a cost-benefit analysis. You could cut your own hair, for instance, to slash your monthly outgoings, but you will inevitably pay for it in terms of your time (and the fact that you might not get the results you want). Similarly, you could make a meal in the evening instead of ordering take-out, but that implies more chopping in the kitchen.

Creative Ways to Craft and Save Money

Take a look at the following ways to use your craft skills to save money:


There are many creative ways to craft and save money, especially if you’re the type of person who only likes to spend money when you absolutely have to.

Instead of buying new frames, vases, and furniture to update your home, just apply a fresh lick of paint. A new paint job can do an awful lot for a tired-looking home, breathing new life into practically any object you own.

The same is true of your decor. By painting over a wall in vibrant color, you can give your home a new lease of life.

If you have stretched canvas frames around the home and leftover paint, you can commission some poured paint projects. Add a vinyl cutting machine and you can even create what they call a “Hot Mess Canvas“. They are super easy to make. I've made a couple in the past.


Buying new quilts from the store is not only expensive but usually lower quality than what you could make yourself. Purchasing the raw materials you need for quilting, however, is incredibly affordable, especially if you use your weekly Michael's Store Coupon. What’s more, you can create something that you really like instead of having to go with whatever was in stock at the store.

Craft and save money - supplies

You don’t even have to buy your fabrics new. Sometimes you can make quilts using recycled materials from sheets, shirts, and scarps. These are an excellent option for baby blankets. If you head over to Pinterest, you'll find tons of ways to learn the quilting craft and save money doing it.

Homemade Cards

Buying boxes of ready-made cards from the store is expensive. Purchasing them as singles often costs even more. The reason for this isn’t to do with the cost of the raw materials that go into making the cards. Instead, it is the expense of the overheads of the stores that sell them, such as the lighting and staff. 

Paper creatives are super easy to craft and save money with. Most people already have all of the materials. You can use old greeting cards to create new projects, magazines, pressed flowers, etc.

Homemade cards can save you a lot of money. Order some blank cards and envelopes over the internet and then decorate them with whatever you have to hand. Look inside your craft box for glitter, ribbons, photographs, and stamps. Don’t forget to include a heart-warming message!


Buying luxury scented candles from the store is never cheap. Brands have become very good at charging customers extra for what many now view as a premium product.

The good news, though, is that you can now easily make your own candles with the tools and materials you have at home. Want to craft and save money by making candles? Use the leftover wax and create new candles. Soak a shaved and flattened piece of wood in olive oil, and create your candle around it.

Craft and save money - candle making

The first thing you’ll need is a container to hold the candle. Jelly jars, for instance, make great candle containers. Next, buy some soy wax. This type of wax is one of the cheapest and safest and is designed for filling containers. Then all you need is some way to gently warm the wax and a pre-tabbed wick. Whether you add colors or fragrances to your candle is entirely up to you.


If you're a photographer, or even slightly good with a camera. You can take photographs of nature, people, stills, etc. Get the images printed or even upload them for people to use on stock websites.

If you have the camera, batteries, lenses, and other equipment, you have already paid for the biggest expenses already. While the start-up costs a lot at the beginning, the upkeep doesn't have to cost nearly as much.

Craft and save money - pn

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