13 Ways to Create an Epic Backyard Oasis

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Frustrated by the lack of comfort in your backyard? Ready to go from drab to backyard oasis? Read on for a few tips and tricks to make it, well, perfect and relaxing.

Summer is here and fall is just around the corner, and for many, that means spending time outdoors. If you've been looking for a way to make your backyard an oasis, this blog post will show you 16 ways to get started on creating the perfect backyard oasis. From furniture to outdoor decor, plants, and everything in between that you will need to enjoy the backyard life!

13 Ways to Create an Epic Backyard Oasis

With the weather a bit nicer now, people are heading outside more. This also means that it is time to spruce up that backyard Oasis. No matter how little you need to clean or how much you want to update, these items will help you create that backyard oasis that you will not want to leave.

Get cozy with furniture:

Outdoor patio furniture is made for summertime lounging while you read that book, drink those margaritas, or just hang out and maybe take a snooze mid-afternoon. (Don't forget the sunscreen though). A good quality patio set will last you years if you properly maintain it.

Suncrown outdoor patio furniture brown wicker sofa

Have an old favorite chair that's looking worse for wear? Upholster it! quite often it's an easy update that can really freshen up a space. There is no better way to spruce up your home than with new cushions and fabric.

Stay cool when the sun goes down:

With all of this talk about nighttime activities, don't forget how important temperature control can be if you're outside during sunset hours. Awnings can help keep out rain and shadows (and stop some annoying neighbors from peeking in on you).

Stay hydrated while outdoors:

This one seems obvious enough, but when was the last time you remembered to bring water outside? A jug filled with ice water will do nicely. Avoid adding additional sugars to drinks. A nice infused water with fruits can quench your thirst while adding a bit of flavor.

Frustrated by the lack of comfort in your backyard? Go from drab to backyard oasis? Read on for a few tips and tricks to make it, well, perfect & relaxing.
Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

Ensure there are no poisonous plants:

These could be harmful to children & pets that may come in contact with them, which isn't something anyone would want! We recommend sticking to herbs like lavender, sage, and oregano because they smell great too! Some people may think this isn't essential to an outdoor living area but they're wrong! We all know how important plants are in any type of environment – they just make everything better by giving life to spaces where there were none before.

Keep a balance between nature and manmade:

The beauty of an outdoor oasis is the merge of backyard landscaping with all the gorgeous nature scapes. Plant some ornamental grasses, like Miscanthus or Pennisetum, for their tall blades that don’t require mowing but still cut down on noise pollution (and make your lawn look lusher!). And it's never too late to add in plants – annuals are perfect because they're fast-growing and can work year-round if planted at the proper time.

Keeping your grass well maintained will help maintain that backyard oasis. One of my favorite products for maintaining our yard is Get Sunday's specially formulated products that rival others on the market.

Smart lawn plan
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2020 Smart Lawn Plan

Add a firepit:

Fireside gatherings in the backyard are even better when they're combined with your outdoor furniture. Stock up on firewood and light that stove! You can purchase a simple fire ring or you can build your own firepit with fire-safe bricks. Either way, a fire pit can add to a backyard oasis.

Don't forget the mosquito protection:

Long gone are the days where you have to soak your clothes & skin with harmful chemicals. Products like the Ambush Mosquito Trap help keep mosquitos away from your property up to approximately .25 acres per device. Which is ideal for a smaller backyard oasis. You can have it off to the side, but it will still protect you, plus, it isn't harmful to your skin and clothes. Bonus, totally safe around animals also since there isn't anything that is released. It attracts mosquitos to the device and away from you and your animals.

It's easy to move around, we've moved it from our front porch to our back firepit easily. All you do is unplug, move it, then plug it back in. The cord is super long and the device itself is weatherproof. So you don't have to worry about forgetting it outside during a rainstorm (which we have done several times).

Frustrated by the lack of comfort in your backyard? Ready to go from drab to backyard oasis? Read on for a few tips and tricks to make it, well, perfect and relaxing.

The Ambush Mosquito Trap combines all those cues in one trap. This tricks the insects into thinking the Ambush is a host where they can get a blood meal. Once the mosquitoes approach the Ambush, they are sucked into the catch container by the powerful vacuum fan. Once trapped inside the Ambush, they quickly dehydrate and die.

We took it to our in-law's campsite recently and they used it all weekend. They said that it was MUCH more bearable than it has been in previous years and now they want one. They are avid RVers and are on the road. So having something like this that is easy to put away, set up, and doesn't contain any disgusting fluids is exactly what they need and want.

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Ponds have more Benefits than just looking pretty:

Along with a device that can help with mosquito or bug protection, having a pond in the backyard can be beneficial to lessen the bugs that you encounter. You can make it a family project and introduce pond dwellers to your kids and teach them how they benefit the ecosystem. Some of these animals may end up naturally in your pond; others can be purposefully introduced if you want to add a more diverse ecosystem to your pond.

Keep it comfortable:

After summer’s heat has subsided, don't be afraid to take out some of those old patio chairs or settees from storage. You can also install a hammock chair for lounging by the poolside. And while you may not need them now, comfy chaises make great seating during winter months too – especially if you want to pull off an indoor/outdoor living space feel!

Bring back some life:

A simple paint job or cushion swap out can bring some life back into your seating area. Simple and lower cost updates can breathe so much life into furniture or accessories can create a backyard oasis that will

Don't forget the storage:

It’s important to have an uncluttered space. Even if it is just for show, put a bench or two where you can sit and enjoy your backyard oasis without being overrun by clutter.

Create some privacy:

Privacy screens offer peace of mind when entertaining friends while still enjoying the view from within. They're also perfect as a backdrop for meals on patios outside but looking inside instead of out at other people's patio.

Lighting is key:

You need the perfect lighting for that back deck space 24 hours every day of the year. That's why we recommend installing LED lights around your house or business both on the inside as well as outside so you always have plenty of light when you need it most.

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