Create An Awesome Workplace Environment

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Most companies are starting to realize that the only way that they can succeed long-term is if they provide an awesome workplace for their workers. If they don’t, then they risk losing out on great talent left, right, and center.

Workplace Meeting
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Increasing the chance that somebody will stay with your firm is about more than just offering them a pay rise, though. You also need to make your place of work somewhere they actually want to go. And to do that, you need to make your office space attractive.

Interestingly, making improvements to your workplace is easier than you think. Plus, once you refit the space, your employees will find it easier to concentrate, communicate, and complete tasks.

Create An Awesome Workplace Environment

Here are some of the ways that you can create a better working environment for your colleagues. 

Stop Using Open-Plan Offices

For some time, open-plan offices were all the rage. The basic idea was to facilitate communication and make things feel more open than traditional cubicle-style workspaces. But while the intentions were good, the results were not. A lot of workers disliked the lack of privacy, and many found themselves interrupted regularly throughout the day by the comings and goings of the people around them. The final result was a large group of workers who felt stressed all the time.

The good news is that you don’t have to stick with regular, open-plan offices. While they are suitable for a small subset of businesses, there are now many other types of workplace layouts from which you can choose. A lot of vendors, for instance, are now offering business office setups that use a mixture of social and private spaces. Workers are free to transfer between them as they wish.

Boost Your Climate Control

The temperatures in which people work can have a profound impact on their overall levels of productivity. If you set your offices too hot or too cold, you’ll notice that the people in your workplace can’t get as much done as they usually would.

Some public sector offices are diabolical and do not have any air conditioning or effective heating at all. Workers either have to layer up or strip off. They don’t have much choice. Many firms, though, operate in rented premises with climate control options available year-round.

Before setting the temperature to the “average” or “recommended setting,” think carefully about which setting might be best for the people you hire. If your workplace is predominantly male, you might want to set a slightly lower temperature than if it is female.

Swap Out Unattractive Furniture

Office furniture tends to come in two varieties. The first is the traditional office blues and greys – dull, functional furniture designed for a single purpose. The second is the bright, company-branded items designed to help your entire workplace feel more cohesive.

In general, the latter option is the better of the two. Research indicates that brighter, more colorful offices help to encourage creativity and spontaneity. Specific colors may also assist with mental focus, supporting colleagues to zone out from their surroundings and just focus on the task at hand.

Conference Room - Workplace Furniture
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Keep Humidity Low

Humidity also plays a surprisingly large role when it comes to employee performance. Most people work best at a humidity level of between 20 and 40 percent. Here, there is just enough moisture in the air to prevent their skin from drying out, but not so much that it leads to hazards like mold.

Ideally, you want to avoid fostering the growth of harmful microorganisms where possible. If you notice condensation on your windows in the winter, it is a good sign that your humidity levels are too high and need bringing down.

Create Better Storage For Employees

Giving employees lockers for them to put their possessions is a start, but it hardly makes it easy for them to arrange their lives around their work. Even providing a personal space at their work or desk areas will help employees stress less if their items are secure. Especially for women who carry purses or bags.

Since a lot of folks are opting for cycling to work, you make want to ask your workplace to provide a place for them to be able to store their bikes. They may also need showers that allow them to get ready for the day ahead.

Make Decluttering A Part Of The Culture

Research indicates that busy, cluttered desks have a profoundly negative effect on productivity. Desks strewn with bits of paper make it more challenging for people in your organization to concentrate on what they’re doing, increasing the likelihood that they will make mistakes. 

Getting rid of clutter is never easy. You can hire cleaning staff to do it for you, but what about all the mess that builds up in regular office hours?

The best approach is to adopt a culture of decluttering in your office, asking all employees to play their part in keeping things tidy. Remember, if it gets out of control, you’ll struggle to put a lid on it again.

Allow Colleagues To Personalize Their Space

While the science might suggest that certain types of workspaces might be better than others, that doesn’t hold true for all people, all of the time. There will be a lot of employees in your organization who benefit tremendously from adapting their workspaces to their needs.

For some, the rationale will be ergonomic. They may want things in certain places to accommodate physical injuries – or prevent them. For others, it will be sentimental. They’ll want to feel as if they are connected with their family and interests, even while they are at work.

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Allowing people to customize their space, therefore, is an important step that your company should take. By permitting a bit of leeway, you may find that you unleash productivity that you never knew was there.

Add Plants And Air Fresheners

When you pile dozens of people into a room, smell levels can rise. You don’t always notice it at first, but after a while, a dense fog of musk and sweat can descend. It’s not pleasant.

There are lots of ways that you can deal with this, though. First and foremost, put plants around your office. These naturally freshen the air and capture unwanted pollution particles. Second, try using air fresheners. Just make sure that they are hypoallergenic. And finally, ensure that your climate control system is ticking over correctly.

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