Could Dental Implants Be The Right Option For You?

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We all have those little things that make us self-conscious about our appearance, things we’ve been putting off for various reasons (money, time, and so on) that we daydream about fixing one day. For so many of us, our teeth, and dental implants can help give you that confident smile again. 

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Especially in America, there is such a stigma around non-perfect teeth. You see jokes in the media about missing teeth, hear stereotypes and generalizations made about people who have discolored or damaged teeth, and it’s still one of the more accepted ways to mock and judge others in society.

Could Dental Implants Be The Right Option For You?

It’s no wonder, given the attitudes that people have towards teeth, that those of us who have minor issues want to fix them as soon as possible. Fixing teeth problems can do more than just alleviate pain or make it easier to eat – it can go a long way towards improving self-esteem and confidence and giving you a semblance of dignity back. 

No matter what your particular dental problem is, making an appointment with your dentist to discuss options is a great idea. You might be surprised at just how far technology has come and how you can fix even the most serious issues. You may be asking, “can I replace my missing tooth?” The answer is yes! You can. With durable, long-lasting dental implants, you can replace one or many missing teeth and get your smile back to a fully functional, natural looking state. 

There is a reason why dental implants have become so popular in recent years, with many people choosing them over dentures, crowns and more. Dental implants are incredibly durable – if taken care of properly they can last a literal lifetime, and they can be matched to your existing teeth, are fitted to your specific teeth shape, and both look and function just like real teeth. These permanent replacements are a godsend for many dental patients who were at their wits’ end with missing teeth and the discomfort associated with it. 

The process of getting a dental implant is pretty straightforward, even though it will likely take more than one appointment. This is because the dentist will first implant a titanium rod into the jaw, which will bond with the bone and form a solid, immovable “root”. Once that is set, you’ll come back to be fitted with a cap that fits over the titanium. The dentist will also take a mold of your existing teeth to create an implant that looks and feels like your real teeth, and will fit in seamlessly. At your last visit, this implant will be placed on top of the cap and voila – you’ve got a brand new tooth! 

Dental implants are so much more durable and versatile than dentures. They don’t come out, for starters, and because they are a permanent fixture adhered to the bone, you won’t experience the bone loss that dentures can cause. You can eat and drink whatever you want, and smile with total confidence. 

Because dental implants are durable, lifetime replacements, they can be costly, but they are a worthy investment when compared to dentures and other lesser procedures. Speak to your dentist to determine if your dental insurance covers dental implants, and if not, they can likely steer you in the direction of payment plans or other financial assistance such as Care Credit, which can help you with expenses.

Your dentist may have discounts and incentives for replacing more than one tooth at a time (if you need more than one implant) and can talk with you about other options. Over time, you’ll actually save money on expensive dental procedures and dentures. 

The process of getting a dental implant is reasonably easy and isn’t any more painful or uncomfortable than other dental procedures. You'll be placed under general anesthesia and/or given numbing agents for your comfort. Speak to your dentist if you have any anxieties or worries about the procedure and they’ll gladly talk you through the entire process.

While the risks involved with dental implants are minimal, they can include nerve damage, infection at the implant site, and in rare cases, sinus issues. However, these are extremely rare and most patients report zero side effects or symptoms associated with their implants. 

If you’ve been thinking about replacing missing teeth, why not call your dentist today to discuss a dental implant. A lifetime replacement for your teeth is an investment that you can’t ignore. Put your best smile forward with absolute confidence right now.

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