Continuing a Tradition with a Valentine’s Day Holiday Tree

by | Feb 7, 2019

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Moms easter - spring tree

my mom's easter/spring tree! Complete with eggs!

When my parents divorced, my mom was finally free to decorate exactly how she wanted. For the 12 to 13 years after the separation, she kept her “Christmas” tree up all year around. She always said:

“It's a beautiful tree, why only have it out for 1-2 months out of the year. It should be out all year and decorated to celebrate every holiday, milestone, etc.”

Of course my brother and I picked on her for it for the first year or so. Then it grew on us. Became the norm. When her Endometrial cancer started to take a toll on her, she couldn't swap out the decorations like she used to, but she still tried.

She passed away in November 2016 and the tree came down just after Christmas that year. It was hard to take the tree down as we had seen it up for so long and it changed with the seasons.

I inherited the tree and it sat in storage for 2 years….

When we bought our home, put the Christmas tree up, I decided, I'm now the matriarch of the family, so it's now my duty to continue the tradition of the Holiday tree. My husband wasn't exactly “jumping for joy” when I made this decision, however, he knows what it means to me.

He tends to go along with a lot of my crazy ideas,
a lot of times he drags his feet on the ideas,
but he'll still join me on the crazy ride.

Anyway, a lot of the decorations that my mom had were either damaged from storage because the totes weren't sealed right or they were broken and I didn't realize it, so I had to make new decorations or get creative.

Valentine's day tree 2

When I started decorating the tree, I only had the small mailboxes that I purchased a few years ago from the One Spot at Target on clearance after V-Day. So, I gathered my other craft supplies to start decorating.

From Dollar Tree:
        • Floral Garden Roses – I used a deep pink color
        • Glitter heart picks
        • Tinsel Garland
What I had on Hand:

Valentines day tree 3 when we bought our home, put the christmas tree up, i decided, i'm now the matriarch of the family, so it's now my duty to continue the tradition of the holiday tree. My husband wasn't exactly "jumping for joy" when i made this decision, however, he knows what it means to me.

For the V-Day Cupid Tree Topper you can get it in Design Space

When you cut the cupid out, glue the pieces together, let dry, then glue a toilet paper roll on the back so you can slide it on the top of the tree like you would the star or angel.

Valentine's day holiday tree

For the V-Day Heart Picks for the Holiday Tree you can also get those in Design Space

For the picks, glue the hearts together, make sure you put glue all over the bottom (solid) heart including where the cut outs will be so you can sprinkle glitter over the glue. Once hearts are dry, use hot glue or tape to attach the skewers to the back of the hearts.

Make sure to swing my my Valentine's Day Holiday Gift Guide for ideas for your loved ones!

Continuing a tradition valentines day tree - pn

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