5 Inspiring Ways to Combine Fashion With Home Décor

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Your love of fashion, style, and modern art should imbue your entire being, but it should also radiate in your home décor. There’s no reason to subdue your passion just because you think that it’s not the norm to combine fashion with home décor and preferences into the look and feel of your home. After all, for your home to become truly your own, you need to make it an extension of your personality and your unique flair.

Fortunately, there are many wonderful ways you can bring a fashion-inspired interior to life, you just need to get creative and let your imagination take the reins. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some clever tips to help you introduce fashion in your home’s décor in a tasteful yet impactful way.

5 Inspiring Ways to Combine Fashion With Home Décor

Display your fashion like art

The first tip is a bold one. Instead of hiding your prized pieces and fashion garments you’re proud of in closets and drawers, display them proudly in plain sight. This is a real power move, but it also brings a fashionable flair to life and shows the world just how passionate you are about this art form. That said, you have to be careful and place pieces around the house strategically to combine fashion with home décor.

For example, if you just leave a pair of breathtaking Jimmy Choos lying around, you come off as sloppy. However, if you display them on a low shelf in a line next to other statement shoes, then all of a sudden you have a décor element that pops, creates an amazing focal point and brings the design of the room to life. 

Add softness to a room with scarfs

Much like you wouldn’t want to hide your prized stilettos and boots in a shoebox, you don’t want to hide the fashion accents that make an ensemble pop. After all, if accents complete an ensemble, why wouldn’t you use them to complete a room’s breathtaking design? There’s no reason not to, really, so the first thing you’re going to do is get your scarfs, pashminas, and other similar accents out in the open.

Observe the color palette and start thinking of ways to incorporate and combine fashion with home décor. You can try to complement the design of the room or use vibrantly colored scarfs to create a focal point and a contrast in those neutral areas that need some more life and flair. Make the most of your winter, chunky-knit scarfs to bring texture to the room, and create a soft, comfortable ambiance imbued with warmth and positivity. 

Pay special attention to the rugs

Fashion is an art form, and as such, it comes in various types, textures, and accents. If you want to display your love of fashion, you should not only focus on your fashion pieces, you should also focus on evoking that fashionable feel with more traditional décor elements. One of the best ways to do that is to focus on the floors and introduce artisan rugs that complement your statement pieces and your love of fashion.

If you take a look at the new Miss Amara rug collection and delve deeper into the aesthetics, you will quickly notice that modern rugs are made by artists that have a deep appreciation for tasteful fashion. From monochrome rugs to timeless Scandi designs, you can choose between a variety of styles to bring your love of fashion into a room and complete the design by covering the floors in a beautiful accent.

Create a focal point with a fashionable sculpture

Another wonderful way to imbue your living environment with a fashionable flair is to display your prized pieces on a stylish, retro half-body mannequin. These beautiful mannequins boast a distinct up-scale vibe and are the focal point of every tailor’s studio, and now you can put them in your home for that dramatic effect.

Now, the key here is not to go overboard. One mannequin is all you need, as you can periodically switch out the ensembles to display some other prized piece. You can color-coordinate with what you’re wearing, or you can coordinate with the seasons to unify the space and frame the design of the entire room. If nothing else, this will be an amazing conversation starter.

There’s no reason you are not able to combine fashion with home décor and preferences into the look and feel of your home.
Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Hang paintings and posters of fashion icons

Last but not least, be proud of your fashion icons and the people who have had such an immense impact on your own visual style. If building a mindful and conscious living space means surrounding yourself with fashion icons and inspirational figures, so be it, because mindfulness in interior design can take many forms – so don’t be afraid to give your home its unique look and feel. 

You can display posters and paintings of your fashion icons in a variety of artistic styles for that wow effect, ranging from pop art to the abstract, all the way to the more traditional oil paintings – the choice is yours.

Wrapping up

If fashion is an inextricable part of your life, then you should be able to display that passion proudly in your home. Use these creative tips to introduce and combine fashion with home décor to achieve a higher aesthetic appeal.

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