Change Your Identity Safely & Secure

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Change your identity safely - drivers license
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Have you thought about how to change your identity safely, either through a name change or by changing your gender?

While we would hope that the process would be as straightforward as possible, to ensure that all records are kept accurate and up-to-date, but it's not always that way, even on a practical level.

I know when we got married, the very first thing I did the Monday following our wedding was head down to the Social Security Office, License Bureau, banks, etc. It took me 2 days in order to go to every place I had to in order to make sure that my married name was on every official document. It was crazy how many places wouldn't even let me fill out paperwork without an updated driver's license or updated SSID.

Change Your Identity Safely & Secure

Data protection is something that we all should be aware of throughout our lives, especially when the thought of in terms of your name. Our name is a crucial part of our identity and from everyday life to official correspondence and interactions, they provide a gateway to so much more information about our lives, from our birth information, ethnicity, gender, and religion.

Data Classification is Imperative

Say for instance you are getting married or going through a divorce, your name will be about to change, either to something new or back to your original name. You might have been fostered or adopted and wish to take on the name of the family who brought you up.

Alternatively, you might be a transgender person looking to take those steps to change your identity to a different gender. Taking the steps to change your identity safely is the first step to making the rest of the world sit up and pay attention to your new identity, as it is such a huge factor in your whole persona.

Passport & id - change your identity safely

No matter the circumstances, data classification of your name is central to your identity and integrity to the wider world. Good data classification tools and software should be in place in every company to enable employees and customers to be safe in the knowledge that should they wish to legally change their name or gender, the company they work for or use the services of will allow them access to make a swift and smooth transition to their new identity.

You need an identity verification process that's 90% automated, giving you the ability to make manual changes if needed but handling most of the process for you. There are countless obstacles and issues with having a different name outside of work to the one you have on your company systems, and data classification solutions are required to ensure this is never the case.

Identity Access Management Tools

An identity access management (IAM) system is a data framework that allows business owners and management to effectively process electronic identities. Ideally, the technology that has been developed to enable IAM systems is effective information classification software, ensuring that there is a smooth operating system in place to capture, record and manage the steps to change your identity safely. It can also be used by tier employees so that it is easily calculable which permissions each individual has in terms of access to the wider system.

IAM systems take away the folly of humans and the potential for misinterpretation of data and policy. With the automatic granting of access privileges, each individual and service will be instantly authenticated, authorized and be suitable for auditing if necessary at the drop of a hat.

A lack of effective identity and access management is a risk to a company as a whole, through mismanagement and data being insecure or misused. It is in these situations that damage can be sustained via both internal and external threats. When you are changing your name, an effective IAM is the perfect information classification software to help you make that change smoothly, without disrupting your personal privileges and access.

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