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How Often Do You Monitor Electronic Devices That Your Child Uses?
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How Often Do You Monitor Electronic Devices That Your Child Uses?

As a parent, you have to be proactive. If you did not know the answers to those questions I mentioned above then your child is at risk of being taken advantage of by a child sex predator. No, I am not just being an alarmist. I am not chicken little and the sky is not falling. However, children are falling prey to online sex predators far too often. Besides that, they are being exposed to pornography, inappropriate content, and even illegal content. If your child is trading in pirated music, movies, and software, you can be sued for thousands of dollars. Do you really think saying, “You should not do that” is enough if there is a song or a movie they really want and they know you will never find out about it?

14 Wordpress Plugins You Need to Start Blogging + Bonus Theme - FP
How to Start Blogging Technology

14 WordPress Plugins You Need to Start Blogging + Bonus Theme

Several years ago when I started blogging I had absolutely NO idea what exactly I was doing. Heck, some days I think I still don’t know, but I just keep chugging along. If you’re just starting out with blogging you’re going to be overwhelmed with “must-haves” whether it’s going with WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc. One thing is for sure though, if you’re going to select WordPress, you have to have the right WordPress Plug-ins to make sure your blog/website functions properly. It’s honestly a never-ending cycle with blogging or running a website. There is always something new coming out or some type of guideline is going to change. 

How to Please Your Customers & Increase Sales Through Live Chat
How to Start Blogging Technology

How to Please Your Customers & Increase Sales Through Live Chat

If you are running an offline business and are using your website as an additional tool for promoting and selling physical products or providing services, you have probably thought about making the whole process easier for your customers. One way to help your customers and guide them through the buying process is using Online Live Chat Support on your website. We marketers, always seek ways to please our customers and make them feel they are special. But what managers look for are figures saying increased sales, increased profits. So how can Online Live Chat Support Customers & bring me increased sales?

How Has Technology Evolved Over the Years

How Has The Technology We Use Daily Evolved Over the Years?

It’s really hard to believe that a long time ago when the internet wasn’t born yet (that was like billions of years ago, right?) the only technology that we were able to use is abacus, our fingers, old-fashioned cameras and etc. Technology evolved at such a rapid pace, that some of us are having such a really hard time catching up. The internet is the most modern way to communicate with the people around the world, or if you’re like my kids, the other side of the couch. How are you feeling about the automation technology that has been increasing over the years?

5 Reasons I Absolutely Love Udemy Online Courses
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5 Reasons I Absolutely Love Udemy Online Courses, And You Will Too!

Not to long ago I posted on my own personal Facebook page that I was FINALLY going back to college. YAY ME! For the longest time I’ve owed over $10k in loans so I had to agree to paying back at least $25 a month in order to stay out of default. Sometimes, when you’re struggling to learn but can’t get back into the full swing of things, you can still learn, but without the high cost of college fees, course fees, books & more. I have a horrible problem with habit making and sticking to my habits. My adult ADHD causes a lot of problems with my habits. I get into the groove of things, but one little thing can make me go “squirrel” so to speak, and online courses is one of those I struggle with horribly.

The 10 Best Internet Safety Rules for Kids To Have FP
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The 10 Best Internet Safety Rules for Kids + Free Printable

The other day my youngest son was playing a popular game on the Xbox One. I overheard the conversations a few kids and my son was having and he said something that surprised me since we’ve talked about internet safety quite a bit. He mentioned that he was only 12 and that he was home with his mom and that …

Most Awesome Mom Award because of Google Chromecast Audio
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I Just Won The “Most Awesome Mom of a Lifetime” Award

If your home is anything like mine, you have at least one boombox in the house that isn’t Bluetooth enabled. *gasp* I know I know… I’m living in the “dark ages” according to my kids. Heck, we still rely on actual alarm clocks, that my husband and I have probably had since at least 2005, and not our cell phones …

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