5 Car Tips That Will Save Money While Driving

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With tax season being in full-swing, a lot of people are looking at buying new vehicles. Whether the vehicle is brand new or new to you, it's important to find a vehicle that you can save money while driving.

Reducing gas consumption is not only an environmental responsibility, but it can help save you on your spending as well. Fuel is a significant cost for most car owners so finding ways to reduce this is definitely desirable.

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While electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more widespread, there is still not an option for everyone. There are now many more energy-efficient, gas-powered vehicles available. It’s useful to know a few simple tricks in order to use less fuel, therefore doing the environment and your wallet a favor.

5 Car Tips That Will Save Money While Driving

Break & Accelerate Softly

The most economical driver is a safe driver, so avoiding flooring it and stamping on the gas. No unnecessary speeding or last-minute braking, maintain a little more control. Switch off the engine where possible, like when driving downhill, and remain in gear. Take your foot off the accelerator as this sends gas to the engine, for example when you’re not moving or stuck in a traffic jam.

Try to stay on a low gear below 1500rpm and when changing gears, try to skip, for example from third to fifth, as this will be less of a strain on your transmission and will also save money while driving in the long run. Driving safely reduces accidents, but if you are ever involved in some difficulties consult Jonathan Rosenfeld, a personal injury lawyer.

Save on Unnecessary Expenses

There’s no need to hike the heat up when you don’t need it, of course, this goes the same for the air-conditioning. You can always open the windows instead of a cool breeze while driving.

Remove roof bars and boxes. Carrying these around adds extra weight and causes you to use a lot more fuel than you might think, so take them off when you’re not using them. If you’re not going surfing, biking, or skiing, why bother keeping the things attached.

Buy Used

Everyone loves driving brand new vehicles, but sometimes it's not in the cards. Tax time is a great time to purchase a new vehicle, however, sometimes payments are not worth it and there's always the fear if something happens and you can't make a car payment.

If you’re looking to buy a new car, why not buy a used car instead? This can get you a better deal on your insurance and won’t depreciate nearly as rapidly in value. For more information, click here.

Get the necessary checks

Vehicle maintenance should be a no-brainer. However, if you're like me, you kinda put it aside for more “important” things. Which is probably why I've gone through so many cars over the past 10 years. (I believe it's been 3-4).

Simple things that you can do on your own like checking your tires regularly can greatly reduce gas consumption, and abnormal wear, so keep them pumped up. Also when you get an oil change, get your tires rotated for optimal and equal wear while you save money while driving.

Keep an eye on your oil, make sure there’s enough flowing as this also reduces damage to the internal mechanism. Any of your vehicle's necessary fluids should be checked and “topped off” regularly when you get oil changes.

Be sure to stay on top of all maintenance needed in general, as the better your car runs, the less fuel it will use. You will of course also save money in the long run on any unnecessary repairs.

Take a Walk Whenever Possible

If you’re wasting too much money on gas don’t always resort to driving. For shorter journeys brave the outside and stretch your legs. The walk will do you and your bank account a lot of good.

We live approximately 3-4 blocks from the downtown area of our little town. So I tend to walk a lot of places in town when the weather is a little nicer. Even if it's cold, as long as the wind isn't horrible, I'll walk.

Keeping on top of your fuel consumption isn’t as difficult as it needs to be and you’ll be grateful when you have more mileage for your money to spend on other things.

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