Build Confidence Back Up After Almost Losing It

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One of the biggest issues that face people in the world has nowadays is struggling with how to build confidence, especially after having it crushed in the past. What most people do not realize is that while a loss of confidence is considered normal for some, it can actually lead to far deeper complications.

When it comes to a lack of confidence or self-esteem, most people start to lose it after a traumatic experience. It could be a job loss, failed relationship, or even the loss of a child or parent. For me, my lack of self-esteem has been dumped on me and built up over the course of probably 25 years or so.

From an abusive relationship in high school to being cheated on and in most recent years, the loss of a baby.

What most people do not realize is that while a loss of confidence is considered normal for some, it can actually lead to far deeper complications.

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Today, we are going to be looking at how you can get back your confidence if you have suffered through something that has taken it away from you. While what we suggest may sound simple, you will usually find that it’s the simplest things that make the biggest of differences.

Why Build Confidence When It's Lost?

While there are millions of people who have suffered from a sudden drop in confidence, there are many of them that aren’t aware that the drop in confidence is just the beginning of something that can be far more serious.

Most people do not realize that confidence loss is the first step to bigger mental health problems and possibly one of the biggest alarm bells. A sudden knock to the confidence is something, that unless tackled, can lead to depression.

Build Confidence Back Up After Almost Losing It

Body Confidence

Nowadays, there seems to be a ton of advice online that wants to help you lose weight, but what some of these health experts don’t teach you is that if you have undergone drastic weight loss, you may still not be happy with your body.

For many people who lose weight very quickly, they quickly find it harder to build confidence levels again, due to the way their body has reacted to the rapid loss of mass.

When something like this happens, you may find yourself looking for answers everywhere from breast lift surgery videos to researching how much it will cost for a nip and tuck. This is something I've been talking to my husband about recently, once I lose my weight (I have about 130lbs I need to lose) I wanted to get my girls lifted & reduced.

The truth is, if you want to have any type of body confidence, the first thing you should do is get some clothes that are going to highlight your new shape. Once you start to receive a few compliments and share your new body with the world, you may find your confidence comes rushing back.

Boost Your Voice

If in your early years you loved public speaking, but over time you have found your confidence has disappeared, now may be the time to look at doing something about this. 

public speaking - build confidence

Losing confidence when faced with the public is one of the most common forms of confidence knock and often comes from many people putting us down over the years. 

If you really want to do something about this, then this problem is one you have to face head-on. Whether you stand up in front of 2 people or 5, once you see that you never lost your ability to speak in front of people, you will see your confidence start to boost once more. 

It matters now where you lack confidence, the first place you need to reapply some is in your ability to get it back. Once you understand that you are more capable than you know, nothing will be able to stop you from your mission to getting your confidence back.

Create an Action Plan

You will need to make a plan of action. Try to talk your thoughts among your friends, family and for sure at the workplace. Let people know what you believe in. At the office place, make sure to explain your ideas about the work that needed to be done. Take up new challenges and give your hundred and one percent to that task. This will help you to get the appreciation of your seniors and they will start believing in yourself. 

If your love life is getting affected due to your lack of self-confidence, then go talk to your loved one. Let them know how much you care and what they mean to you. Build confidence to talk honestly about your feeling towards them. Let them see the confidence in you when you ask them to come out with you on a date. Therefore, do not just read self-help books bring them into action as well.

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