16th Birthday Experiences In Ohio They Will Love

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As kids get older it seems to get harder and harder to celebrate birthdays. When the boys were younger, I pretty much knew the types of birthdays they wanted. Once they were about 10 I started asking them for ideas because they became a bit more difficult to guess. Giving your child birthday experiences means that they will create memories beyond any memories that you could hope for.

We recently celebrated our youngest son's 16th Birthday. I started thinking about ways to celebrate this big milestone in a way that is a little more unique than typical birthday gift ideas about a month ago. I wanted to give him birthday experiences that he would remember and enjoy.

The silly 16yr old at a friend of ours recent Kentucky Derby get together. Stinker took my Derby Hat!

But what do you really do for a 16yr old who pretty much has everything?

(besides that PS5 that we haven't been able to score yet!)

The past few years we have tried to give birthday experiences instead of materialistic gifts. Our oldest is now 21 years old so we do not really do much for him by way of gifts except for certain holidays and we'll give him a card and gas card for his birthday typically.

The youngest just turned 16, so we are trying to do more birthday experiences to provide more memories to him. We have also laid off a bit by allowing him to hang out a lot more with friends than we used to. In the past almost 5 years I realized that spending time together and making memories was much more important than anything else.

16th Birthday Experiences In Ohio They Will Love

Mansfield Reformatory

If you have ever watched Shawshank Redemption, you have seen parts of Mansfield Reformatory. It is known to be one of the most haunted prisons in Ohio. You can visit, get married, and even stay overnight for an awesome and spooky sleepover. Mansfield Reformatory has two histories: one that started in 1886, when the first cornerstone of the uncommonly magnificent men's prison was laid, and one that started in 1994.

Baines Pier 619

For summertime birthday experiences that your 16yr old will love, I suggest you check out Baines Pier 619 in Akron. An experience on the water can be fun and exhilarating. Baines Pier 619 provides kayak rentals which allow for a leisurely ride along the Portage Lakes to take in the sights and beautiful waters. The Pier rents out a couple of different sizes of pontoon boats, as well as kayaks and paddleboards by the hour.

Digital Scavenger Hunt

Remember when you were younger and had a birthday party, you were given a sheet of paper of things to find in the neighborhood, and the first team back with all of the items, won a prize? This is similar, but digitally. Not only do you get sent on the quests, but you get to explore your city and learn new things you may have never known.

Using the power of the smartphone, 3Quest Challenge transforms cities into massive playing fields for timed scavenger hunts. True to the company's name, the game consists of three “quests,” each with a trio of checkpoints. Teams answer riddles or complete tasks to collect a clue that will be used to solve a larger overall puzzle. Teams then must return to the home base for another clue before setting off on the next quest, all while racing against the clock. It will be one of the best birthday experiences that you will be able to enjoy together.

Learn Something New

A few years ago I learned something new that I have always wanted to try, but never had the chance until I did. Glass blowing had always been on my bucket list of things to try. I joined fellow bloggers and we headed out to learn how to blow some glass. It was an experience that I truly enjoyed. We spent the evening with some of the best glass blowing artisans that The Glass Asylum hires and they taught us all of the science behind glass blowing along with a few of the techniques.

The Glass Asylum: Learn How to Glass Blow From The Pros

The Glass Asylum crafts one-of-a-kind works of art. With study, patience, concentration, skill, sweat, talent, and teamwork, their artists construct beautiful and meaningful glass objects. The age-old and authentic process of glass blowing cannot be done alone. It’s the collaboration that makes each experience spontaneous and each piece-of-art significant.

Simulated Aviation

Who hasn't dreamed of flying a plane? Me of course! I'm not fond of planes, but I would pass up my fear if my son wanted to check out a simulated plane adventure for birthday experiences. Amid the uncertainty and complex nature of the aviation industry in the early 2000s, Denise & Mike decided to buck the opposition and follow their dreams. The husband & wife team took Mike's entrepreneur experience and Denise's time as a commercial pilot and turned it into American Winds Flight Academy.

American Winds Aviation has 15-plus flight training courses include everything from advanced flight simulator instruction to commercial -pilot certification. We prep prospective pilots with FAA-approved ground courses and hands-on instruction in our fleet of Piper and Cessna airplanes and accommodating pterodactyls.

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