Choosing The Best Pet That Fits Your Lifestyle

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Growing up we had dogs. Several over the years of my childhood. They were the best pet for our family and the dogs we had, helped teach my brother and I how to care for animals.

We've had our cats now for going on 9 years. Yikes, I can't believe it's been that long. It sure doesn't seem that long. A friend of mine at the time had a litter of the cutest little kittens and I just had to have one…..well two.

We didn't really research much when we got them. It was pretty much a spur of the moment decision. I knew we needed the basics like food, litter, and toys, but that was I knew about. I didn't know about the vet costs, flea treatment, etc.

Best Pet - Chi & Apollo
Chi & Apollo at one time when they were actually inseparable. Now, they can't stand each other. Kids I tell ya!

We initially only wanted this feisty, hyper, totally cuddly tiger cat (who we named Apollo) first and we were only going to have him. Until the day I picked him up and saw his cute lil' orange tabby who was chubby and shy sister, who is now called Chi. It took me 2 weeks to decide on if we should get Chi or not. My friend kept her until I decided. And here we are, a 2 kitty household now.

Pets can be loved by any and all ages. Some animals are better suited for the different life stages than others. Knowing which is the best pet for your family is important. If you're busy, more chill/relaxed, or athletic, those all play into which animal will fit your lifestyle the best.

Of course, each and every domesticated animal requires a good amount of care and attention, and if you know you can’t give them that, it’s better to wait to get a pet. 

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best pets for the life stages we think about the most. If you know what you’re in for before you adopt an animal of your own, you’ll make a much more informed decision when the time comes to pick out your favorite candidate. 

Best Pet - Dog & Cat

Picking Out The Best Pet That Fits Your Lifestyle

Fish for Youngsters

Of course, when you’ve got kids in the house and they’re pestering you for a pet, you might want to start small. They might want you to get them a dog or a cat, or even a hamster or a gerbil, but it might be best to start with a fish tank and a few colorful fish. 

This will help to teach them the value of life, because fish still need a lot of care, no matter how small they are! It will also help to show them the nature of responsibility. The fish they stare through the tank walls at have a lot of needs, and require a very specialist environment to thrive in, and that makes for a great learning lesson for the children in your household. 

Cats for Young Adults

Cats are a great pet for any and all ages, but when you’re in the young adult life stage, adopting a cat might be your best bet. They’re very loving creatures, and getting to know them and earning their trust can be a great self esteem boost for people in the early to mid 20s who tend to struggle with confidence. 

Apollo - Best Pet - FP

Being able to care for a cat, and receiving that attention in return, is something a lot of people believe is impossible – beat that perception out of the water with a little kitten that likes to curl up and purr in your lap!

Dogs for Elders

Dogs are some of the best pets known to man, and there seems to be few people who don’t like them. But once again, dogs are great for people in the elder years of life. Dogs are guardian creatures, and they’re incredibly loyal, so adopting one during retirement or beyond might just fill the need for companionship you’re looking for.

And there’s a very handy list of the best dogs for seniors right here, if you don’t feel up for adopting a puppy with bounds of energy you might not keep up with! Of course, having a young pooch running around the house helps to keep you moving to, so it might be worth it anyway!

Regardless on your age, you can pick out the best pet for your lifestyle. While the above pets are good for those age brackets, it's not set in stone.

Pets can be loved by any and all ages. Some animals are better suited for the different life stages than others. Knowing which is the best pet for your family is important. If you're busy, more chill/relaxed, or athletic, those all play into which animal will fit your lifestyle the best.

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