8 Tips to Help Your Child Become a Life Long Avid Reader

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I’ve always inspired my boys to become avid readers.

Reading is such an important life skill that it is important to do everything that you can to help your children become the best readers they can be. Teaching a child at a young age how to read will definitely help them become a life long reader.

8 Tips to Help Your Child Become a Life Long Avid Reader - Mom and Daughter

It is important that you not only give them the skills to succeed in reading but give them the tools that make them enjoy it as well. I started reading to both of my boys at a very early age. To this day my youngest is a strong reader. He’ll read a 400+ page book in less than a week now. He’s only in 6th grade and is reading at an 11th-grade level because we’ve always read in the house and had books available at his disposal.

There are several ways to help your children in their quest for reading knowledge. There are many good programs, such as Groza Learning Center, books, and even some games on the market that help children learn the basics of reading fundamentals. With the market so saturated with different reading and phonics programs, parents often overlook a rather simple and fun way to get their kids excited about reading. Magazines are a great resource to use when you are trying to develop a love of learning in your children.

8 Tips to Help Your Child Become a Life Long Avid Reader - Studies

There are many children’s magazines on the market that are geared for children that don’t even read yet. While it may seem silly to buy a magazine subscription for a child that doesn’t know his letters, it is a great way to have fresh material that you can read to your toddler.

Research has shown that children that are ready to become readers and it is never too early to instill a love of reading in a child. If you make reading to your child a part of your daily routine, reading will become a habit to them, in much the same way getting dressed or brushing their teeth becomes a daily activity. There is also a lot to be gained when you take the time to let your little one snuggle on your lap and listen to your voice as you take off on the merry adventures each story offers.

8 Tips to Help Your Child Become a Life Long Avid Reader - Brothers

How to Help Your Child Become a Life Long Reader:

  1. Start reading to your baby when they are still in utero. It sounds weird and maybe even a little crazy, but it works. It helps the baby get used to your voice as he or she grows.
  2. Keep books and puzzles around the house and within reach. This means soft books, board books, puzzles with words, and every other type of book you can find. The more you have available for your reader, the more they will pick a book up to read.
  3. Pick up a book and read yourself. Whether it’s a magazine, book, newspaper, or an eBook. If your aspiring reader see you reading, they will be more likely to read also. They mirror what they see you doing.
  4. Encourage questioning. If you question things, they will question things. The more they question, they more they will learn. The more they learn, the more they will question.
  5. Read off road signs as you’re passing them. Explain what the sign(s) mean. After you’ve done that a few times, have them start doing it back to you when they are at the age of reading.
  6. Play board games with the family. Start off with games such as Candy Land and Chutes & Ladders then work upto games like Scrabble and Apples to Apples Jr will help your aspiring reader.
  7. Do reading craft activities. Have them cut out letters, decorate them with noodles, string, etc. Afterwards you can have them spell words with the letters they have decorated.
  8. Flip Word Charts. These are super easy to make and help with putting words together and reading simple words as well as more complex words. You can also do sentence word charts as well. Little activities like this will help your reader understand how to compile words, sentences and encourage learning new ways of thinking as well.

Groza Learning Centers are there to help you along your way with teaching your children in areas they are struggling as well. No matter if it’s reading, math, science, spelling, etc. They are there to help your children further their education right along with you.

You can check Groza Learning Centers out at their website or on their Instagram as well for awesome tips on learning and sign up for their awesome scholarship opportunity.

8 Tips to Help Your Child Become a Life Long Avid Reader - Pinterest

What are a few of your favorite ways to encourage the budding reader in your home or classroom?

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