Add Value To Your Home With Easy Improvements

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For the majority of homeowners, creating a home is the ultimate, however, many would like to see a return of investment if they were to sell. This means that it’s essential to complete work on your home that you know is going to potentially add value to your home.

When we started looking for our home 2 years ago, there were homes that looked great in photos, but when we arrived at the house it was like night & day. There were at least 3 houses that I didn't even want to step into. The vibes we got immediately were not pleasant.

There were also homes that boasted of many updates, etc that were just not there, or they were done, but shotty and not done by a certified or licensed professional.

There are many projects that you can undertake to achieve this it’s but it can be difficult to know where to start. It can be easy to get caught up in what you want, whether it will add value and what will add the most value. 

Add value to your home - painting

Add Value To Your Home With Easy Improvements

Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can potentially add value to your home:

Painting And Decorating

If your walls are already in good condition and the house hasn’t updated for a while, you can easily add value to your home simply by painting a decorating. From adding a feature wall to just take as easy as repainting walls the same color, you’re updating your home and making it look newer and fresher.

If you’re planning on putting your home on the market has it newly decorated in neutral colours is appealing to buyers. Using tools such as the Shur-Line can help to make sure you get a professional-looking finish the best standard. Painting the white areas in your home in another great way of simply adding a better finish and look to your home. If there is a lot of paint build up, ensure you sand any wooden areas before applying the new coat of paint.


If you want to almost guarantee an increase in the value of your home, you need to look at the updates you can make. Has your kitchen or bathroom seen better days? Or have you got outdated fittings and fixtures installed?

Area’s like the kitchen and bathroom are very sought after areas when in it comes to buyers, so having these updated and modernised can help to increase the value of your home and secure a more secure asking price. If you can’t afford to install a completely new renovation you can always look to make changes such as new taps, new lighting, deep cleaning grouted areas and updating the countertops into order to give it a newer, fresher look.

Additions Or Open Plan Living

Additional spaces being converted and creating a new open plan living space is bound to add value to your home. If you have a loft space, basement or space in the garden to extend this could be a worthwhile investment.

Converting these areas not only increases the living space in the home but it also means that you’re opening up the market for a wider range of people. If you live in an area with good school catchment areas, creating a new bedroom in the loft or family room in the basement could draw in families who need the space. 

Curb Appeal Is Important

Despite what people say, if the outside of your home isn't impressive, you're going to have to really WOW people if they even want to look further at your home during their home search. Clean up flower beds, maybe plant a few colorful flowers, trim or prune bushes and trees back. Put a fresh coat of paint on the house and/or garage, or power wash them so they are clean.

Do you have any other tips add value to your home? Please share them in the comments below. 

Add value to your home - pn

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