Living Room Updates: 7 Ways to Add Simple Character

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Since the pandemic started, we’ve all been spending ungodly amounts of time at home. This change in our pace made all of us more mindful of our living space, especially the living room, we’re all trying to make it as calming, comfortable, healthy, and pretty as we can. So, if you think your living room lacks character, here are a few ways you can fix that.

Repaint walls

One of the easiest ways to make your living room stand out is to refurbish the walls. Bold walls liven up every space and add character and personality to it, especially when it comes to living rooms. So grab a bucket of your favorite color and start painting. You can repaint the entire space or choose an accent wall to serve as a focal point. Remember to test the color before you tackle the walls!

We’re all trying to make our living spaces as comfortable, healthy, and pretty as we can. So, if you think your living room lacks character it's time to fix it.
Photo by Ashley Byrd on Unsplash

If you’re not thrilled to paint your walls (after all, that requires a lot of work, plus it’s permanent), you can choose patterned wallpapers. These provide people with a cheap and temporary way to spice up a bland space. With new walls, you have a perfect backdrop for some fresh art and photographs.

Tackle your windows

If you want to save money, you can choose a cost-effective way to revive your space by tackling the windows. For a modern twist, you can paint the frames a darker color than the walls. This will not only frame your view better but also help you create a warm and inviting living space. To let your repainted frames shine, you might want to take the curtain track beyond the edge of the window. Also, to make the room seem taller and bigger, you can hang your curtains a little higher than your windows.

Update your lighting

Good lighting can make such a dramatic change in your space, yet people still tend to neglect it. So, to avoid making the same mistake, take a look at your standard overhead lighting and replace it with something more impressive. Not only will you end up with a brighter space, but you’ll also have a nice focal point in your customized living room. If you don’t like hanging pendants and chandeliers, you can opt for decorative lamps, floor lights, or spotlights. Install these in dark corners or point them into art—this will add drama and spice to your space.

Warm it up

If you add texture, pattern, and color to your space, it will instantly become more interesting, warmer, and comfortable. One way to add all those elements to your living room is to introduce a rug. Your rug will also anchor the room and make it look finished. And if you want more warmth and personality, you can even layer two or three rugs. Combine any two models from Miss Amara and you’ll create that perfectly comfortable Boho style that’s getting more and more popular every day. A small Moroccan pouf and some macramé art on the wall will further complete your Bohemian vibe.

Welcome greenery

Just one or two houseplants can turn a house into a home. While succulents and snake plants look great and are easy to grow, you can also go a bit bigger to show off your big personality. For instance, palms are great indoor plants and can grow a few feet tall. Generally, most houseplants are low-maintenance, but if you’re away a lot, you can opt for artificial versions.

Introduce a show stopper

If you’re a minimalist, you’re probably aiming for small accents, but if you want your living room to stand out, pick out some big show stoppers. A piece of unique furnishing can give your space character and serve as a conversation starter. You can also go big with art—blow up a piece from your favorite artist and it will tell more about your personality than any other decoration piece.

Add appeal to your storage

In order to finish the look of your new and improved living room, turn to your storage space. For instance, you can replace those old knobs on your cabinets and drawers and opt for something more modern. In terms of personality, these small elements can leave a big impression. Plus, most knobs and pulls are a very inexpensive way to inject character into your space without having to replace any furniture, move things around, or overthink your design. If you lack storage in your living room, you can convert that unused nook and fill it with shelves for storing and displaying things.

With these living room elements, you can show off your personality and impress anyone who steps into your space. And more importantly, you will feel right at home in your space.

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