A Few Things About Anna

Life with Anna C - A Few Things About Anna

Life with Anna C

Hey Y'all! I'm Anna Cockayne!

I am a wife, mother (to both human & furry), daughter, sister, and blogger.

My belief is that someone is always needing a little help in various aspects of their life and I'm the one who can help.

On my website, you will find a variety of topics that primarily center around parenting teens, finances, crafting, DIY, food & drink, a little beauty & fashion, and I talk a lot about mental health.

I started blogging at the tail end of 2014 on my first blog Crazy Bloggin' Mom (which has since entered into early retirement). Yeah, sure I'm crazy, I was bloggin' and I'm a mom, but I really wasn't “feelin” it if ya know what I mean. So I graduated onto Life, Laughs & Coffee (again, early retirement…. see a pattern?) which also, was nice, and cool and yeah I LOVE coffee and laughing, but I wasn't feelin' it after a year.

So in 2017, Life with Anna C was born

I had decided that the “cutesy” blogger names, just wasn't my thing and decided to OWN who I was and Ta Da!

Enough about the blog, you want to hear about me. Like I said above, I'm a wife (to Jason), mother (to Manny & Melo), fur-mom (to Chi & Apollo) and of course daughter, sister and duh, blogger. I've worked in some type of creative field almost my entire working life. I was a pre-school assistant teacher for a few years, went on to work at a very well known office & print store for a few more years, then I worked in telecommunications. While doing that I started dabbling in more crafty things and fell in love with using my favorite machine ever, my Cricut Explore Air.

Well, my life hasn't exactly been the easiest. I've had a few abusive relationships, raised my boys for the most part on my own the better part of my 20's. Been almost homeless twice, and have struggled since I was 14 with Bipolar disorder, Anxiety and Depression.

My Family - About Me

I grew up in a semi-suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. In October 2013 I married the love of my life and in July 2018 we bought our first home in a small little country town about 45 minutes away from our hometown. You'll read about a lot of financial hurdles we had to jump over the 5 years between getting married and buying our home in order to get our credit on track, things we did that hurt our credit and now how we're trying to repair it again.

I've overcome many obstacles in my life, one obstacle that I have yet to overcome, the loss of my best friend (who I didn't realize was my best friend at the time), my mom. We lost her in November of 2016 to endometrial cancer. So you'll hear me talk a lot about women's health, the importance of taking care of yourself as a woman first, then as a wife & mother. So often as women, we put our family ahead of ourselves, that we forget that we can't take care of our family, if we're not 100%.

How would you describe your typical day?

Hectically driving kids all over hell's high acre for events?

Stressed about finances, both current & in the future?

Daunting chores that you just wish you could “swish & flick” them done?

Staring into the freezer trying to figure out what's for dinner?

Struggling with your anxiety, depression, maybe even your child's mental health?

We have all been there before.

woman-mental health & suicide

Here are a few of your problems:

(correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm probably hitting the nail on the head with these)
              • Not knowing what is happening on what day and what time and where. (ie. Lil' Jimmy's soccer practice is Weds at 4p at Blue Rhino soccer fields, not Monday at 5p Alliance fields)
              • Every time you sit down to budget, you cry, break a pencil, or get confused on your own math
              • Every recipe you've made, has the same ol' ingredients and it's boring
              • Between dealing with your own anxiety & depression, you have your families also, which makes you more anxious & depressed.
No matter where you are in the parenting timeline, you're going to want to have a little bit of freedom, relaxation, and less stress.
              • You want to be that awesome parent who knows when everything is, where at, and be there on time.
              • You want to look at your budget and say “I got this shit!” 
              • What? Edamame? Pfft, I made that so many times, I can cook it in my sleep. (Not me, but someone out there can)
              • When it comes to mental health, you want to take care of yourself, as well as your family.
I believe that everyone has a need for something and it's my duty to help you manage being a parent.

So there ya have it folks, all about me, what I want to provide to my readers and what I will provide to you as my readers.


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