8 Perfect Items Every Educator Needs for their Classroom

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When it comes to educator needs, most parents are at loss at what extras or useful items to provide to the people who take care of our children throughout the day and provide top-notch education. Our children’s educators put up with a lot. They don’t just teach a curriculum; they also teach social skills and monitor behavior.

They are often the first people to spot and highlight behavioral issues, health complaints, problems at home, and developmental delays. Frequently now, teachers are expected to be nurses, looking after children’s additional needs and keeping them safe. The least we can do is help them out with educator needs for the classroom.

You don’t need to buy them yet another mug with “teacher” written on it, but there are some perfect items that every educator needs for their classroom.

They are counselors, offering children and parents a shoulder to cry on and an understanding ear when it’s needed. Some teachers are even feeding the children in their care, buying their own school supplies and classroom tools, and staying late to run after school clubs, so that working parents can manage. As if just spending a day in a class filled with children wasn’t stressful enough, today’s teachers have massive workloads, out of school commitments, and untold stress to managing. 

8 Perfect Items Every Educator Needs for their Classroom

Many appreciative parents look for ways to show their gratitude, both at the end of the school year and the Christmas holiday. But, teachers can be hard to buy for. You don’t know them personally, you don’t know anything about their hobbies or interests, you don’t want to buy them yet another mug with “teacher” written on it, but nor do you want to spend a fortune. Here are some perfect items that every educator needs for their classroom.

A Cool T-Shirt

Most teachers spend their days in a relatively formal and conservative uniform. Few can express their personalities within these boundaries. So, get them teacher shirts to show your appreciation while giving them something fun to wear. 

Stationery Items

You might think that teachers have plenty of access to all of the pens, pencils and notebooks that they could ever need at school. But, these are all rather dull and boring, and with schools facing cuts, many can’t afford any extra supplies for the staff. Trendy notepads, pens and pencil cases are all useful.

Me & My Big Idea Planners are a great idea for teachers!

Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts are always thoughtful, especially if you get your kids involved. Pinterest is one of my favorite spots to look for ideas. Many homemade gifts can be created using items from dollar stores or what you already have in your home and upcycling the items.

A Thoughtful Card

Sometimes, you don’t need to buy a gift. If a teacher has gone out of their way to help you or support your child, a thoughtful card, with a meaningful message, can be the best gift of all. 

Kids Creating Gift To Teachers

Tree Decorations

Everyone loves tree decorations at this time of the year, and teachers are no different. Look at some pretty decorations, or make some yourself. You don't have to go all out and get the most expensive decorations either, something meaningful and cost effective can mean more to your child's teacher than something over the top.

Specialty Drinks

A bag of a specialty blended coffee, assortment of teas, or even a bottle of wine. Find out what your teacher likes and the school district's regulations before you gift an item that is not allowed.

A Gift Card

If you aren’t sure what to get, a gift card for a local business or an online retailer with lots of departments is always a good move. Gift cards are not as impersonable that people used to once think they were. It tells the recipient that you thought a little about them and what they like. It could be to their favorite coffee shop, a craft store that they love, or even for a night out with their spouse.

Socks, Gloves, Hats, or Scarves

Who ever has enough socks? No one, that’s who. Teachers need socks as much as the next person, more if they teach PE, or take their shoes off for carpet time. Socks are relatively cheap, and everyone loves them. Many teachers spend a lot of time over winter outside supervising break time in the cold. Gloves or hats and scarves are always useful.

Gift To Teachers This Holiday - PN

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