5 Tips To Help Get You Through the Day with a Sick Child

5 Tips To Help Get You Through the Day with a Sick Child

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I remember when my sons were younger and they weren't feeling well. It was one of the worse feelings in the world. If your child is ill it can be exhausting taking care of them. They often want all your attention, as that is a comfort to them. When they are very young or just toddling, they cannot always tell you exactly what is wrong, and that can make it even harder to know you are doing the right thing.

Getting through the day with a sick child is not an easy task, some times you want to throw in the towel, but don't, because it either has throw up on it or spilled soup. Seriously though, it's rough, but here are a few tips that will help get through the day.

5 Tips To Help Get You Through the Day with a Sick Child

Listen To Their Bodies

Often, the first sign of illness in children is listlessness and just want to lie about doing nothing. If a temperature accompanies this you can be fairly certain they are not well. They need rest to help their body recover even if it is just a cold. If they want to lie on the sofa or in bed, let them, as that is how they will be most comfortable.

If you are concerned that they have a fever or a rash of any sort, you should seek medical help from a doctor. If there is not one available, take them to one of the local hospitals, as it is better to have them checked out in case it is something serious. If you don’t know where the nearest good hospital is, it’s always worth finding out just in case you ever need to get there fast.

Plenty Of Drinks

If for the first day they do not want to eat, don’t force them to. It can be hard as a parent to see your child not eating, but it may be what their body needs in that moment. What they must have is plenty to drink though or they will become dehydrated and that will make them feel worse. After the first day, try to encourage them with small amounts of food, preferably things like nutritious broths or maybe some grated fruit.

Quiet Activities

Children get bored very quickly, even when they are not feeling too good. Make sure they have books to look at and other quiet activities such as pens and paper, or DVD’s to watch. They may well keep falling to sleep while they are doing some of these, but that is fine. Their bodies will heal quicker the more rest they have.

Give Them Your Time

You just need to sit with them. Watch a movie, read a book or just sit snuggled up together. When they are unwell they need comforting and children often feel better just because you are with them. This is particularly the case with very young children who will not understand why they feel so ill. With older children, you can discuss their illness and let them know that they will soon be better. That does not mean that they don’t need some of your time, just maybe a bit less of it.

Forgive The Accidents

It can be upsetting if they have an accident and are sick on the new rug you only bought last week. However, you have to let them know that they are more important than material things, and be prepared for them to be sick again by having something such as a bucket or bowl for them to use by their side.

After you have spent the day looking after a poorly child you will probably be very tired. You need to make sure you get your rest as well or there will be two of you that are unwell.

Get You Through the Day with a Sick Child


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