5 Things To Do Before You Move Into Your New Home

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When moving a couple months ago, we were in a rush. Our lease was month to month, so it was either pay for another month or get out by the end of July and our apartment managers decided to be real P.I.T.A’s and refused to give us a few extra days and were still trying to get us to pay August’s rent which I refused since they refused to repair, clean, and actually manage the apartments properly. But that’s a whole other blog post.

5 Things To Do Before You Move Into Your New Home - Boys Box

We opted to move out by the end of July, which left us with 2 weeks to pack, clean both places, and move before July 31st.  Needless to say, it was chaotic! I had just had surgery on the 16th of July for my hysterectomy and 12 days later we were moving into our first home.

I don’t suggest doing that at all.

Luckily, before my surgery, we knew we were moving, so it wasn’t like we were totally unprepared, our prep time was shortened by 2-3 weeks. There are several things I wish we would have done before moving, but because we were given such a short time frame. Instead of doing everything before we moved in, we had to do the stuff after we moved in and it was a pain. We were climbing over boxes, shifting things constantly, etc just to get things cleaned, organized, etc. My goal is to help you not do what we did before you move into your new home.

5 Things To Do Before You Move Into Your New Home

Walk the Neighbor Hood, Again:

You should have done this when you were thinking about putting a bid on the home. If you didn’t and you have a few extra hours, walk the neighborhood and get a feel for the streets, how busy they are, where there are kids, etc. You’ll also notice where there are families with pets and make a mental note. Don’t be obvious though, just walk and admire the neighborhood. You might even get to meet a few of the neighbors and introduce yourselves.

Get Measurements:

When we had our final walk-through, I brought a measuring tape so I could measure windows, door frames, rooms, etc. If you have to get new window treatments (like we did) you’ll need to make note of the window widths, lengths, etc. If you have bay windows, make sure you measure each individual window and add a couple inches to each for good measure. (Learned that the hard way, I miscalculated and my curtains are just a tad shorter than I wanted in length). Door frames, you want to make sure that your furniture will fit through them. Same with stairs, we have a really narrow stairway, which only gave us 3-4″ on each side of most of our furniture.

Clean & Vacuum EVERYWHERE:

Wash the windows, doors, floors, carpets, walls, etc. I know you’re thinking “What does it matter, when we move in, everything is just going to get dirty again!?” However, you’re cleaning off the previous resident’s dirt, filth, etc. Even if they “cleaned” they still may have left behind some of their filth. Pay special attention to the bathrooms, appliances like the fridge, stove and especially the washing machine & dryer. When you’re cleaning out the washing machine, I suggest using Carbona Washing Machine Cleaner. It has activated charcoal so it gets all of the smells and grossness out of the the washing machine. Super easy to use, pour into your washing machine, do a full run and tada! I did one extra run without anything in, just water just to make sure everything was rinsed through. I do a wash every few months now. BEST thing ever! Make sure you also clean out the dryer vent & hose to the outside. Carbona Washing Machine Cleaner

If you can afford, have someone come in and clean out the duct work also. A lot of people forget to clean out the duct work. However, would you really want someone else’s skin, hair, pet stuff, etc being breathed in by yourself and your family? I know I wouldn’t. Since we live in a 130 yr old home, we don’t have duct work, however I did vacuum and clean out around the 2 furnaces we have. It took my about 30 minutes and was super easy with the extensions.  Make sure you’re also cleaning out cabinets, closets, the attic, etc. Those are all spaces that some people forget about.

Make Note of Things That Need Updated/Repaired:

No house, brand new or 130 years old, is perfect. One of my cousins just moved into their “dream” house after it was was finished being built. In the past 2 years she’s had NOTHING but problems. It was wild. I always had the impression that brand new homes that you get built, should be without problems. But that’s not always the case. In the case of our 130 year old home, there are more things that we missed when we did our initial walk through, final walk through and such. We were putting up the hardware for our window treatments and found that around the windows were really soft, indicating some water damage. Now we have brand new windows in 95% of the home, but they weren’t installed properly for the age of the home, moisture does get in between the walls. Also, only 2 of the windows actually wind out in the laundry/mud room, so it gets REALLY hot in the summer and really freezing cold in the winter and we can’t get really good air flow in there without keeping the kitchen door open, which defeats having air conditioning or heating because all of the cold air or hot air just billows into our kitchen. This winter, we’re putting up Shrink Film Insulator Kits to help with heat issue. Hopefully within the next couple years, we can update that room.

Finally, Put Directional Signs Up in the Home:

I had these totally awesome signs to put up throughout the house so that when people were bringing in my carefully labelled boxes & totes they didn’t have to ask me “Where does this go?” Guess what I forgot at the apartment when we did our final walk through and received our keys? The signs! They were color coated and matched the labels so that there was no issue.

5 Things To Do Before You Move Into Your New Home - PN

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