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A Balustrade is a spindle or a stair stick –made up of wood, stone or metal standing intact to protect the users from falling off a staircase to cordoning off an area for multiple purposes.

Stair Balustrade helps in beautifying the pathway and in turn, makes one’s house look elegant and impressive. In the age of modernization, where people tend to notice each and everything related to you so why not add one thing to their gossip? For more details on Stair Balustrade keep reading the article given below.

Types of Stair Balustrades

There are plenty of options available for users. The types of Stair Balustrades showcased in the market nowadays are as follows:

  • Glass Balustrades

    • If you dwell on a closed staircase, then you can opt for glass balustrades. This seems perfect for the families with kids, as it prevents them from falling off. It also provides users with unobstructed views and makes your house, look brighter. While using balustrades of glass, you need to keep a constant check on their cleanliness.

  • Wooden Balustrades

    • If you wish for a beautiful carving and grandeur look, you can go for wooden balustrades. This might look good in the spacious rooms. It doesn’t require much cleaning, and it is also cheaper as compared to other types of Stair balustrades. There are numerous designs available in balustrades of wood. There is one disadvantage of using wooden balustrades as it might get attacked by termites.

  • Wire Balustrades

    • This is one of the newest designs of balustrades to be available in the market. Nowadays, it’s in huge demand as it provides much safety in comparison to other systems. These are safe as the wires are placed close enough together that nobody parts can be forced between them. These balustrades are best suited for balcony and outdoor staircase as it provides a mesmerizing look to your house, and as it is made from stainless steel, so it is rust resistant.
  • Stainless Steel Balustrades

    • If you like giving your staircase a modern and trendy look, you can go for Balustrades made from Stainless Steel. There are several advantages of using these balustrades as they are long-lasting, offers significant strength and requires little maintenance. Users can customize these balustrades either horizontally or vertically as per their taste.
  • Wrought Iron Balustrade

    • If you are looking forward to buying something out of the box and classy at the same time, you can opt for Wrought Iron Balustrade. These balustrades can turn even the unstimulating hallways into a showy entrance to boast of. Wrought iron is moldable so numerous geometrical designs can be made of it. These wrought iron balustrades are made of high-quality metal which makes them weather resistant.

Author’s Point of View

So, these are the trendiest types of Stair Balustrades that are available in the market today. As per my opinion, Stainless Steel Balustrades are the best as they are more durable, rust-resistant and require little maintenance. Also, it comes with glossy shine which in turn beautifies your house. One can customize these balustrades as per their needs. If you look forward to modifying your home with something different and durable, then this is a perfect choice for you.
All the balustrades mentioned above are lovely and provide a house with the much needed glamorous look. You can purchase any of the balustrades as per your requirements and budget
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