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Not to long ago I posted on my own personal Facebook page that I was FINALLY going back to college.

YAY ME! For the longest time I've owed over $10k in loans so I had to agree to paying back at least $25 a month in order to stay out of default.

Sometimes, when you're struggling to learn but can't get back into the full swing of things, you can still learn, but without the high cost of college fees, course fees, books & more.

I have a horrible problem with habit making and sticking to my habits.

My adult ADHD causes a lot of problems with my habits. I get into the groove of things, but one little thing can make me go “squirrel” so to speak, and online courses is one of those I struggle with horribly.

Doug Squirrel - Online Courses

Gotta love Doug from the Movie UP…. he's exactly what I act like when my ADHD kicks in.

Recently I took a course called “Mini Habit Mastery: The Scientific Way to Change your Habits” on Udemy. I must say, there were points that were boring, however, many points were quite interesting. I took quite a few pages of notes about the difference between habits and mini habits and how to use mini habits to benefit your life, business, and school success.

The course explains how the brain works when it has habits and how to build up a mini habit into a regular habit to train your brain into doing everything without “thinking” about it.


Basically the Brain separates habits into Good vs Bad

Low Difference + High Reward + Instant Gratification = Bad Habit = Brain Approved

Reason?? Because there is high reward AND instant gratification and not much work on the brains end to do the habit.

High Reward – Delayed Gratification – High Difficulty = Brain Wants Cake

Reason?? There's high reward, but the brain has to work in order to get it and the reward isn't right away.

I would definitely choose a different course next time. This course, I thought; could be a bit more informative on how to actually create mini habits. There were several sections and mini sections and I had to speed up the talking to about 1.5x because otherwise it was horribly drawn out and took forever.

When you're taking courses, make sure you research them entirely before just taking one because it looks interesting.

5 Reason You Will Absolutely LOVE Udemy Online Courses:

  1. Udemy has more than 12 million students enrolled in their online courses. Meaning, it's not an online course that only a few people take in hopes they learn something.
  2. Udemy Offers more than 40,000 courses and has more than 20,000 instructors. There is something for everyone and an instructor that will cover what you want to learn.
  3. Udemy has more than 55 million course enrollments. People are learning from these courses, if they weren't the site wouldn't be around still.
  4. Udemy offers students more than 9 million minutes of video content. Each video course gives you the ability to learn at your pace with detailed, in depth, and informative video content.
  5. You can learn online via ANY device: Computer, tablet, smart phone. You can learn on the transit into work, while in the waiting room at the Doctors office, etc. Just don't watch videos while driving, that's just not safe.

You can get Udemy Courses for only $10 right now when you sign up for a class using this link: Get Udemy Educated

Use Code 17HOLIDAY10

If you're not sure what you can get someone who is wanting to learn something new, buying them a course for Udemy would be a pretty awesome gift, whether it's for their birthday, Christmas or just because you want to help them.

With a mission to help build the life they imagine, Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online. Whether it's learning for professional development or personal enrichment, students can master new skills through a self paced, on-demand courses, while instructors have a way to share their knowledge with the world.


So have you ever taken an online course like one on Udemy?

If so, how did you like it?

If not, why haven't you yet?

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