4 Routines That Boost Healthy Living

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Many people assume adapting to a healthier way of life involves making major changes. In fact, embracing a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be onerous at all. With consistent minor tweaks, you can successfully incorporate healthy changes and benefit from them. 

Rnek tvlufqzynpfjyvxgqzyo9ks6qhidf7jgsoruby uc1 when it comes to routines that boost healthy living, not only do you have to start doing them, you have to continue doing them.

4 Routines That Boost Healthy Living

When it comes to routines that boost healthy living, not only do you have to start doing them, you have to continue doing them.

Did you know that it takes 21 days of doing something that it becomes habit, and a minimum of 66 days for something to become second nature?

If you want to enhance your health, take a look at these easy and effective hacks…

Go to bed earlier

Unless you’re vigilant about going to bed at the same time every evening, chances are you don’t get enough sleep. In fact, the vast majority of people are sleep deprived and it could be having a massive impact on your health. 

Healthy living - sleep

The optimum amount of sleep is around 7 hours per night for adults, although this varies from person to person. While it may seem tough to increase your sleep at first, shutting off your computer a little earlier and treating yourself to an early night will have a major impact on your health and your mood. 

Drink more water

Although we don’t realize it, most of us are mildly dehydrated for the majority of the time. While you might be keen on soda or coffee, these do little to really rehydrate us. If you can’t switch to drinking only water, aim to increase your water intake. 

Healthy living - drink water

While experts disagree over the optimum amount of water we should be drinking, you can stave off the symptoms of dehydration by increasing your intake. If you regularly feel fatigued, suffer from headaches or have dry skin, this could be due to dehydration. Increase your water intake and see how different you feel. 

Breathe cleaner air

No matter where you live, you’re going to breathing in a range of pollutants every day. While some areas have higher levels of air pollution, very few people are lucky enough to live in a region that has optimal air quality. However, you can take a proactive approach to improve your air quality.

Healthy living - clean air

By installing an air purifier in your home or in your workspace, you can successfully reduce a significant number of contaminants. With a range of stand out purifiers visible at https://moonriverchattel.com/, it’s easy to find one that suits your needs. Whether you’re on a limited budget or need a portable device you can move around, you’ll find an air purifier that does what you need it too. 

Eat breakfast

If you rush out of the door every morning, you probably don’t have time to sit down and enjoy breakfast. While you can’t magic more hours in the day, you can make breakfast a priority. Kicking your metabolism off with a healthy breakfast will ensure you stay hunger-free for longer. What’s more – it will stop you from snacking on unhealthy snacks and consuming a big lunch. 

Healthy living - healthy foods

If you're not into meal prepping, you may want to start. When you already have meals planned out for you, you're less likely to gorge on foods you shouldn't be eating. Pick a day that you generally have time to put aside 2-3 hours and just cook, bake, or portion foods for the week.

Here are a few ideas for healthy living meals that can easily be made ahead of time:


  • Maple Cinnamon Oatmeal MuffinsYou can bake them, freeze them and take them out to thaw the night before.
  • Breakfast Pizza – another thing you can prep ahead, pre-cook in the oven , freeze, then you just have to either reheat in a toaster oven or microwave.
  • Breakfast Burritos – Prep, wrap, freeze, and when you want to eat them, throw them in the microwave and enjoy!


  • Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad – Pasta salads are great to make ahead.
  • Low Carb Taco Soup – Soups are also good to cook ahead. While you're prepping everything else, you can have this cooking in the slow cooker. Freeze it in baggies that are portioned out.
  • Healthy Tuna Salad – You really can't go wrong with a good tuna salad, whether as a sandwich or by itself over lettuce.


  • Herb Marinated Pork Chops – Almost anything that calls for being marinated can easily be marinated and frozen ahead of time.
  • Stuffed Pepper Soup – Again, soup is great to cook ahead and freeze in portions. If you prep ahead, you can dump it all into a slow cooker on high to reheat, which would probably only take about 20-30 minutes.
  • Easy Cod & Garlic Herbed Asparagus – Not everything has to be cooked ahead. If you have a vacuum sealer, you can portion everything out & freeze it. Then you'll just thaw & cook the night of.

Finding the Best Healthy Living Hacks

If you’re not ready to embark on a major healthy living overhaul, there’s no need to panic. With easy and effective hacks, you can embrace a healthier lifestyle by making simple and straightforward modifications to your routine.

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