4 Pond Animals to Introduce Your Children To

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There are so many great reasons to install a pond in your garden, from the beauty of the pond to how they help improve the ecosystem of your garden. They can also be exceptional learning tools. There are so many great pond animals that are happy to live in your outdoor water feature, and they can add beauty and interest for your children, too.

Frog & Koi - There are so many great pond animals that are happy to live in your outdoor water feature, and they can add beauty and interest for your children, too.
Image by Michel Lombard from Pixabay

Pond Animals Your Children are Sure to Enjoy

Some of these animals may end up naturally in your pond; others can be purposefully introduced if you want to add a more diverse ecosystem to your pond. Either way, your kids are sure to love them, especially these top four:

1 – Pond-Friendly Fish

There is plenty of pond-friendly fish to choose from. Sometimes you may not even have a choice. Fish eggs commonly attach themselves to other pond plants that you may put into your pond and then hatch after the fact.

As for the types of pond animals you want in your pond, you cannot go wrong with an algae eater. Them, along with a pond filtration system, is exactly what you need to keep your pond clean and beautiful. Without them, your pond will very likely become dark green and impossible to see through.

Other fish include goldfish, sunfish, koi carps, and other brightly colored, fresh-water fish that (most importantly) go into hibernation or can otherwise handle cold water temperatures. So if you live in an area that typically has colder winters, you do not have to worry that your fish will not survive the temperatures.

2 – Newts

A few more pond animals that you will find closer to the water newts, toads, and frogs more commonly in natural ponds, but that does not mean they are not able to thrive in your garden. There are two common types of newts you will find, including the palmate newt, the great crested newt, and the smooth newt. Newts are very fun and exciting for children. They are also protected.

3 – Toads

Toads and frogs love large ponds, and they are often considered most gardener’s best friends. These great pond-dwelling animals eat up two of the biggest pests to any garden: slugs and snails. However, unlike frogs, toads only spend their time near ponds during the breeding season and spend the rest of their time in woodlands. Either way, if you have a toad in your garden, consider him good luck. Your kids will love him, and your plants will thank him.

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

4 – Frogs

Frogs are the amphibians that live in ponds and are likely to spend lots of time if your pond is large enough and your garden offers enough food for him or her to enjoy. Like toads, frogs eat a wide variety of pests, including slugs and snails. Frogs may also hibernate in your pond or near it if it is suitable for them, so your kids can enjoy the frogs in your garden year-round.

There are so many great animals that thrive with ponds, and it depends entirely on your type of pond and garden what animals will make their home. More natural ponds are inviting to all species, whereas water fountains are more attractive as bird-baths. Either way, your kids will have plenty of animals to meet and love when you install a water feature.

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  1. Arts and Bricks

    This is such a great article! I can especially agree about NEWTS! We have a local park with a large pond near our home that is home to LOTS of newts. During the park’s summer concert series, dozens of children spend hours netting newts and putting them in their buckets. They have so much fun counting, aiming, scooping, holding, running, splashing, and of course, releasing their pond friends at the end of the night! It seriously makes my heart so happy watching the kiddos enjoy this simple nature activity!


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