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Although the thought of driving in a car for hours across the country may not seem like the most fun way to spend your time – especially if you're travelling with your family consisting of young children. But if you take the time to plan ahead you will not only find that a road trip can be more fun and more comfortable whilst saving you money, but that it can be far less stressful than travelling by plane.

Road Trips with the Family

I'm the driver when it comes to longer distances. My husband doesn't mind, however, I'm so used to being on the road, driving highways on a regular basis so it's kinda my jam. I used to work an hour away from the house just outside of downtown Cleveland, so I learned early on about how to drive the highways, manage my way through traffic, etc.

I'm also a HUGE planner when it comes to vacations. We have a family camping trip we do every year for almost a week. I start planning the meals, clothes, items we need to take, etc for like a month before we need to leave.

So when it comes to planning road trips, I got this!

Plan ahead:

When traveling anywhere, you should always plan ahead to make it as stress-free and as easy as possible.

Planning a road trip across the country, that plan may include things like making sure your car is safer, deciding who will be driving, planning your route, and also taking a long things like a satellite navigation and even deciding if you're going to be making stops along the way if there's any pretty sights or nice places that you would like to see as you drive through the country.

The more you plan, the less stress you have, and you will actually be able to enjoy the road trip and soak in the sights, which is like the best thing about road tripping.

Have your paperwork in order:

No matter where you plan on going with your car you should always have your essential paperwork with you just in case.

It’s also good to keep you on the right side of the law, and no matter what happens or how short the journey, you should have your driver's license, registration and even insurance documents with you.

Although hopefully nothing will go wrong and you won’t need them, you can never know and just in case you were to end up having to deal with injury lawyers, then you should always have yourself protected and covered.

Bring plenty of supplies:

Car journeys can be long and especially if you're travelling with young children who need entertained then it can get quite stressful if they don't have things to do during the trip.

Although you may be satisfied with looking out the window and taking in the beauty and nature around you, children are less likely to be enthusiastic about this, so bringing things like snacks, drinks and even games or coloring books for them to use could be a good idea for longer journeys. You could also consider bringing things like an iPad for them to watch a movie during the journey as this could take a lot of the stress off of you.

Make it part of the vacation:

Instead of just looking at a road trip as a means to get to your destination, then why not make it part of the vacation and see some nice places along the way?

Depending on the route you go, there are often going to be lots of nice towns and cities that you may have always wanted to visit, but never got around to seeing. This could be the perfect chance to take in some sights without having to make extra trips to go and see them.

4 Tips To Make Road Trips More Enjoyable - PN

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