3 Tips To Stress Less and Accomplish More

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Stress plays a critical role in life. But how can you stress less without it affecting your job or home life? It can help you accomplish work timely and accurately, promote healthy competition, and force you to evaluate problems and formulate creative solutions.

Being stressed out can hamper your ability to effectively perform your job, thereby reducing your chances of promotion; interfere with your capacity to sustain relationships; and lead to physical illness. So, how do you find balance? Start by preventing or being able to stress less that is unnecessary.

Stress is, in many ways, an unavoidable part of life – but there is a world of difference between the kinds of bouts of acute stress you will feel during particularly tense moments in life, and the ongoing chronic stress that weighs you down on a daily basis.

Stress plays a critical role in life. But how can you stress less without it affecting your job or home life? It can help you accomplish your work on time.
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3 Tips To Stress Less and Accomplish More

Generally speaking, we all want to accomplish as much as we can, both in our professional and personal lives – but being able to achieve our full potential without being perpetually stressed out requires a delicate balancing act.

Here are a few tips for achieving more, with less stress.

Use digital tools and third-party services

In a professional context, everyone knows that “working hard” tends to yield positive results – and that it’s essential to have the capacity to work hard as and when required. There are many digital tools and third-party services that help you to “work smart” and stay on top of things all well we try to stress less.

If, however, you are counting on sheer hard work alone, and aren’t taking advantage of the right tools and systems to help you streamline your processes, then you are short-changing yourself and will likely end up in a negative situation quite quickly.

These days, there are all sorts of digital tools, platforms, and third-party services that can help you to “work smart” and achieve more with less effort and less stress. Virtual data services from Smart Room are just one such example.

Commit To Doing Less so you Stress Less

If you’re an ambitious person, it might be very difficult to accept that sometimes the key to being more productive and reducing stress is actually just committing to doing fewer things in the first place.

Nonetheless, this is exactly what various bits of psychological research have found to be the case. Paradoxically, researchers have found that people who take their full annual vacation allowances are more productive in the workplace than those who don’t – likewise for people who work after hours and through the weekends.

No matter who you are, you will inevitably have a limited amount of energy and attention to dedicate to any given set of tasks, not to mention a limited amount of time, too.

Generally speaking, the fewer tasks you take on in the first place, the more effective and less stressed out you will tend to be.

Get More Sleep & Eat Better

A big part of stress is psychological, but a lot of it has a strongly physiological basis, too.

When you are chronically stressed, the “stress hormone” cortisol rises. If this essential hormone stays too elevated for too long, your physical health will suffer in addition to your psychological well-being.

But heightened cortisol can also be set off by nutrient deficiencies and lack of sleep, among other things – and all of these factors will simultaneously impair your cognitive function and make you less effective at whatever it is you’re doing.

So, make sure to get enough sleep, and make sure your diet is on point.

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