Welcome to My 2018 Winter Holiday Gift Guide!

Below you will find images that will lead you to the various gift guides on my website. I'm adding new ones daily, so make sure you stop on back to see which ones I've added!

In this list, I have something for moms, dads, brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncles and even for the grandparents. Some of these gifts could be used also for the special people in our lives like teachers, bus drivers, Hair Stylist, favorite waitress who knows just how you like your coffee on Sunday mornings and of course your babysitter for your kids.

Heck, you might even find a gift on any of of these 2018 Holiday Gift Guide's that you may want to keep for yourself.

That's totally fine.

Everyone deserves a little special something once in awhile anyway.

After you look through my gift guide, make sure you share it with your friends, family, co-workers, heck, all over social media! There's bound to be something that is in one of the 2018 Holiday Gift Guides that someone will not even think of.

So it's obvious that I don't have teen girls, if you check out the rest of my blog. However, I do have teen sons, who are friends with tons of teen girls so I'm going off the things that these girls would like for this year's Holiday Gift Guide for Teen Girls. Surprisingly, the teen girls that I've encountered, are not as picky as my boys, however, there are definitely a few things more that girls like make up, glitter, etc. The hottest things on the girls lists of course are the glitter, unicorn and rainbows. That's really all ages though!

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Being a mom of two teen sons, they are confusing lil' boogers for holiday gift giving. So, I asked them what the “cool kids” are wanting this year for Christmas, in hopes to help you, folks, out. The kids are on top of what they want/need for Christmas sometimes more than “consumer marketing” so that's why I asked for their input this year. My youngest tends to be the one that knows the “stuff” that's popular so I consulted him a little more this year than I have in the past. Kids today are so picky.

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Guys, I know it's sometimes not easy for you to purchase items for the lady in your life. So, coming from a lady, I'm going to give you some ideas to help you purchase the best items for your woman this holiday season. The 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Ladies doesn't give you all of the typical “jewelry” or high dollar expensive things. (There still is a few items, so don't get your hopes up).

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Okay Ladies, it's that time of year to buy our guys something for Christmas. But what do we buy the guy who has just about everything or nothing or worse, doesn't give us any hints? EVERYTHING! Okay, not really, unless you have those deep pocketbooks that you can. But Seriously, Christmas tends to be another one of those holidays like Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day (if you live in the Ohio region) that women tend to get spoiled. I tend to spoil my husband because he busts his cute lil' tushy at work so I can focus on my blog and homeschooling our son. 

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My family consists of gamers, techies or geeks. And I LOVE IT! That's why this Holiday Gift Guide for Techy & Gamers is probably my favorite. My 13yr old is obsessed with FortNite and my Oldest loves the racing games like Grand Theft Auto 5 or Forza. My husband loves Final Fantasy Games (he pretty much loves all of them) and my obsession with The Elder Scrolls Series or Assassin's Creed. Gaming aside, I love tech. ALL things tech! If I could have everything, I would. I'd probably have all of the latest computers, tablets, cell phones, smart devices, etc.

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So this holiday gift guide for the crafter & DIYer is probably my favorite. I dabble a little in some craftiness and a little DIY. Growing up I kinda had no choice with a mom who had the knack for putting together two or three things that you would never think to put together and made them work.  If you've ever watched any of my live videos over on my Facebook page, you'll see a few of the videos that I have done in the past and at least one I did a lil' crafting live.  There is not a single type of craft that is not mixed with at least something else. 

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