2 Delicious Food Trends to Get Onboard With

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There are so many food trends out there, sometimes it is quite often hard to keep up. You have keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, 21-day cleanse, and probably a thousand more. While it may be difficult to keep up with the latest food trends, it sure does not hurt to try a couple of them that you do hear about along the way.

One of my favorite food trends to date is keto. While many think it's mostly bacon and butter, it actually incorporates a lot of healthier foods, spices, and drinks that can benefit your overall health for the long haul. Keto is definitely more of a lifestyle change than a diet, but it can definitely provide you with significant weight loss when followed correctly.


If you’re someone who likes to experiment when it comes to cooking, and you like to try the latest drink or food trends, we have to trends that you’re going to love below.


There are lots of exciting ingredients that can add heaps of flavor and health benefits to the dishes we cook. This is exactly what you can expect when enjoying a dish created with tamarind, which is a leguminous tree that is native to tropical Africa. 

This tree creates edible pod-like fruit, which is used in a whole host of different cuisines from around the globe. A lot of people consider the hard green fruit pulp to be too sour to eat on its own, with many preferring the ripened version, as it is a lot more palatable. As the fruit matures it becomes less acidic and sweeter. Despite this, the hard pulp is frequently utilized as a pickling agent in savory dishes. 

The ripened fruit is used in a variety of ways. Across the Middle East, it is used as a key ingredient in savory dishes, such as meat stews, to create a sweet-sour tang when combined with dried fruits. Tamarind extract is also used extensively in Indian cuisine to flavor everything from snacks to meals. It’s also a key component in the popular Worcestershire sauce in Western cuisine. All over the world, it is used in desserts as a jam that is blended into ice creams, sorbets, sweetened drinks, juices, and other snacks. 

There are many health benefits associated with eating tamarind as well. It contains essential dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and volatile chemical compounds. It is also a rich source of non-starch polysaccharides, which prevents constipation as it helps to augment bowel movements. It is also rich in a number of pivotal vitamins, such as vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, folic acid, vitamin A and thiamine; in fact it contains 36 percent of the daily required levels of thiamine. You can also get a lot of these vitamins via pure encapsulations supplements if you’re not getting enough in your diet naturally. 


If you walk into most coffee stores at the moment, it is likely that you are going to see Matcha recipes on the menu. Matcha is a form of green tea, which has a bright green shade that makes it instantly recognizable. Not only does it taste great, but it offers a wide range of health benefits as well.

When compared with stand green tea, Matcha is much more potent. From weight loss to skin care, the benefits are extensive. Matcha can also provide you with an energy boost. However, unlike coffee, it is a stable and sustained energy boost, rather than a jittery one that comes with a crash later.

To conclude, if you are looking to spice up your food and drink efforts throughout 2020, why not try experimenting with these two ingredients? After all, Matcha is not just for drinking; we see it used in a lot of pancake and cupcake recipes too! 

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