Eat Healthy With A Magic Chef Air Fryer Without Losing Flavor

Over the past several years, my husband and I have gained quite a bit of weight. From the time we got married until about a year ago, I had gained close to 70lbs. Between having a miscarriage, losing my mom to cancer, and my depression, I just “didn’t care”. About this time of year in…

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150 US Based Restaurants that Kids Eat Free or Super Cheap

Sometimes cooking a meal just isn’t in your daily plans whether it be work, kids’ activities, traffic, or you’re just having a bad day. For me, it’s usually the later, or I just don’t feel like cooking because, that takes too much work after working all day. Typically we tend to go out to eat…

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Keep Anxiety in Cats to a Minimum While Moving

I’ve talked about moving into our new home a lot in the past year, but when I haven’t talked about yet, was the anxiety in cats we dealt with. When we were moving into our home, there was a TON of hustle & bustle since we pretty much had to move quicker than we anticipated…

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