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A Bariatric Journey

A Bariatric Journey helps people find the easiest and most sustainable way to eat healthily before, during, and after bariatric surgery.

Understanding that maintaining a balanced diet is difficult when you’re busy, I provide easy-to-follow bariatric recipes, meal plans, and tips for living a healthier lifestyle. My blog offers daily inspiration and motivation from real-life weight loss success stories, from people who have been there before

Wanderlust Camping

Wanderlust Camping is the go-to resource for all things camping. With a focus on travel trailers & tent camping, we help you with everything from choosing the right camper or trailer, packing tips and tricks, budget-friendly travel destinations, and much more.

Solitary Farmhouse Witch

Solitary Farmhouse Witch is a website that provides information and advice for anyone interested in the craft. I discuss and teach all walks of the path: divination, spell casting, manifestation, foraging, and the list goes on!

I’m a fun-loving witch who wants to help others learn about the craft. I love to teach people about all aspects of witchcraft, from beginner spells to advanced techniques. My hope is that through my website, everyone will be able to find the information they need to explore their own path in witchcraft.