Quality Lawn Care Without Hours of Backbreaking Labor

We Haven’t Mowed Our Lawn in 2 Months and It’s GREAT! Quality lawn care is one thing my husband took major pride in when we first moved into our home. My husband was mowing our grass & edging, pulling weeds and all of that awesome yard maintenance every Saturday. That was all after working 40hrs…

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I Love Being a Blogger and Working With Brands & Companies

I’ve been a blogger (or even a half-assed blogger) for about 3 years now, and I love being a blogger! This year I made it my goal to start EARNING money on the blog, so that means little to no FREE exposure for brands and companies. Some of my awesome readers may think it’s easy…

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10 Things To Know When You Are Going to College as an Adult

When it comes to going to college as an adult, you either want to advance your current degree, or you’re finally able to go off to college and get that initial degree. Most folks do that after the kids are in school themselves since they have more time while the kids are at school to…

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